Rev. Elma King’s testimony to Rev. Wesley Samuel

samuel Rev. Samuel had been a friend of my husband, Rev. King for many years in New York. Rev. King said he had a spiritual call from God to stay close to the Samuel’s family, and he did just that over the many years. I met Rev. Samuel in St. Petersburg, FL in 2005. Rev. Samuel had invited Rev. King and I to a reception of one on his son’s wedding. Over the years as Rev. Samuel called Rev. King, I would get on the phone and say hello also.

My husband and I became coordinators of ACLC and my letters for the prayer breakfast became News Letters articles in Nov. of 2008. I started sending Rev. Samuel the news letters on his requests. He did not want to miss one. He encouraged me to share them on the ACLC News, but I didn’t. July 15 2010 My article: Things that Go Bump in the Night (coded Message) Part one, was the time he said. Min Kim, I am going to send this article to the news. He did, and this article ran for many months on the ACLC website. It was about family, And IN Jin Nim made my words in this article JUST BECAUSE…: VERY POPULAR. Rev. Samuel found favor in me, and we connected through my writing. Then, it was my songs. I would sing my new songs to him.

There were so many calls where he asked Rev. King to let him speak to Minister Kim, until many times when Rev. King saw that he was calling he called out to me; am, Rev. Samuel is on the phone! Rev. Samuel would say, Min. Kim, I know that you are busy, and I always replied, Yes I am, but I am never too busy for you. Whenever you call Rev. Samuel, I will stop for you. Whenever Rev. Samuel called I would listen.

If we were away when he called we would hear his message: oh Rev. King and Min. Kim, this is Rev. Samuel I am checking to see is there any new news. His voice was always like a celebration!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Seeing reports of our Roadside Blessing he was inspired to do one himself. He called me to get every detail of how we did it, and he did it. With us there was a lot of NEW NEWS GOING ON, and he wanted to be a part of it. Rev. Samuel and I spent so much time in the prayer room talking: He shared his painful history of him and his family that had chipped away at his heart’s self-image like a chisel.  It broke my heart and made me cry.

There was no way that I could erase the pain, but I could cover it with love, mercy and compassion, because the bible tells us that love covers a multitude of sin. Calling our hot line of love, he knew that he could tap into our reservoir of love which would generate the power he needed to keep on running. I shared my love, and he would share his wealth of knowledge of True Father, and True Parents.

So many hours he taught me what he had learned at True Father’s feet in the early years of the church, and I would soak–up—the—SUN and the Moon. We lived our lives in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, loving True Parents to our bone marrows. We were supremely joyful together, and we called each other two to three times a week. He would get off the phone fired up, to help God change the world. He wanted so much to come live in Kissimmee, so we could work together. In all of his years in the church, he had not witnessed a couple doing so many things.

I wished he could have moved too because he was always working alone. He never reported any family working with him as he struggled to put out his autobiographies, rain or shine. He witnessed in his community alone, worked with his storefront churches alone, but we were there with love and support. There were some sisters that hope him with the RSB, and Christmas gatherings. We reported to each other like headquarters. There is no one in the church that we talked to and share as much as we did with Rev. Samuel. We even shared our dreams with each other.

He believed in us. It was about the end of Oct. 2009, that we talked to each other and we shared our painful hearts. I went into our bedroom and we talked and cried together. We felt the very heart of our True Parents. We knew that something was terribly wrong, but we didn’t know what it was; we hadn’t heard anything at the time.  About two weeks from that day, I got a letter in the mail stating that True Parents heart had been broken. It was dated Nov. 13, 2009 ( I still have the letter). There had been some big issues with the Our News Paper in Washington, DC.

I ran and called Rev. Samuel. I read the letter to him and reminded him of the day we felted True Parents pain. This was both of our VALIDATIONS that we were one with True Parents heart. Wow!! We were totally emerged in the love and oneness of our True Parents. Once we reach this state, we can Never fall from there. Page-  34 in DP. True Parents comes and visit me several times a day. I am even protected by our ANCESTORS. Rev. Samuel was on such a level. I later told Rev. Samuel that I had the opportunity to do a radio ministry, I wanted my husband to join me but he wasn’t ready yet. I asked him if he would go on with me. He was happy to do it. God gave me the name the Light of Truth for the ministry. He said the spirit told him that he should read True Father’s words. I set it up and he jumped right in. He was like a honey bee sucking on nectar.

There was never a time for me to jump in, because he didn’t want to interrupt the flow of True Father’s speech. I asked Rev. King if he had ever seen anything like it. He wouldn’t let me on my own show. Because he was led by the spirit, I honored his drive to put True Father’s words out there. I went on to start three other ministries. Rev. Samuel was on this ministry for over two years. So you see Rev. Samuel’s and our lives are intertwined. He has been with me every step of the way since I met him. When we got the news that morning on Sept. 18, 2016, that he was in the hospital, and his condition wasn’t good, we were also having our special Grace Ceremony that day.

We had to carry on in silence tears. Mrs. Samuel told us about his mood swings that he had long before he was admitted to the hospital. He wasn’t himself. In the hospital he didn’t know what day it was, not even his birthday date. They told us of the Litany of illness that was going on in his body. Knowing that he had terminal illness he worked his body to the ground doing his Tribal Messiah’s work with a smile every day. Rev. Samuel reminded me of True Father when He came down with Malaria in prison. True Father’s faced was flushed with fever, His body shook with severe chills, legs tottered as though they would give way at any moment; he had difficulty keeping His balance and not full use of his hands. When His disciple cried for Him, He said to him, cry for God; God is suffering more than He was.

True Father saw God’s suffering, and told God not to worry about Him. God was the first to be rejected by Adam and Eve, and He understands our suffering. This is why He turns persecution into BLESSINGS. If we channel it in the right direction, it will give us empowerment. Rev. Samuel worked him-self down with a single mindedness to do God’s will, in his Tribal Messiahship before he was finally taken to the hospital. While he was living under the worst physical conditions, he was trying to find out what else could he do for God.

He didn’t want God to worry about him. In fact he didn’t want anyone to worry about him. Because he didn’t tell us or his family that he was terminally ill. The Doctors said he was a walking miracle. His white blood cell count was so high; they don’t know how he was breathing. He was unable to make rational decisions before his hospitalization. So when someone tells me what he said while sedated with all kinds of medications, surrounded by an environment filled with years of pain from the stings of rejections and possible resentment, how can anyone act on his words as the “Gospel-Truth” I remember what Rev. Samuel told me that happen to Jesus’ body, and I say to you today, go ahead; let them take Rev. Samuel’s body, but his Heart and Soul belongs to God.

From 2009, I have known that his heart is with God, and True Parents. So I am not worried about him either. He is now, and will always be God’s Champion, and he is so worthy of this celebration today, and many others to come. I am eternal graceful for the short years that God gave me to spend with him up close and personal. He was my BEST friend. He shared things about True Parents that I would never know. Like Rev. Samuel, We pledge to work in our Tribal Messiahship, until the last breath!!

1 Peter 4:13– Insofar as you are sharing Christ suffering rejoice, so that when His Glory and splendor is revealed, you will also rejoice with Triumph.  (Suffering that we run from so much is not a bad thing, if it’s done for God)

True Parents gave me a song Oct. 3 – I would like to dedicate it to Rev. Samuel. Don’t worry about me- singing just the chorus of it… From Minister Kim to Rev. Samuel, with love: Oh Lord, don’t worry about me, you’ve got soo much to do. Please, tell me, teach, and show me oh Lord; how can I help you,… so you gave me your heart I can feel now that your pains are so severe

Minister Kim  (as he called me) October 16,  2016  (18-23)

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