The Kingdom of Heaven first starts from the bottom of hell. Jesus had to go to the bottom of hell for 3 days, and overcome a path of suffering there. He borne our griefs, sickness, weaknesses, and destress. He was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our guilt and iniquities. Yet, He had done no violence, and neither was any deceit found in His mouth. Unless He was able to liberate people in hell, Satan would be able to accuse Him. Because Jesus was able only to achieve Spiritual Parenthood, a return to the earth became necessary. He gave this mission to bring spiritual as well as physical Salvation to humanity to Rev. Sun Moon on an Easter Sunday morning. Rev. Moon knew that He also would have to bear the cross. Rev. Moon ( True Father’s ) ,said  if He couldn’t achieve victory in the worst possible environment, how could  He hope to bring salvation to  all humanity.  I would like to share just a few of True Father’s testimonies of suffering   many things for us:  He was not allowed to eat of sleep for three days and nights on several occasions. If he closed his eyes, he would be beaten. The only way he endured this harsh punishment was by learning to sleep with one eye open several minutes at a time. The police stomped on him mercilessly with their spiked military boots until his body was limp as if he was dead. Then they hung him from the ceiling and swung him  back and forth, like a slab of meat hanging in the butcher shop… they pushed him with a stick. Soon blood filled his mouth and began dripping on to the cement floor below him. Then they held his nose, and stuck a spout of a tea kettle into his mouth, forcing him to swallow water. When his stomach became bloated with water, they begin stomping on his stomach with their military boots. The water would be forced up his esophagus, and he would vomited until everything   turned black.

The Communist in North Korea, broke his ribs and torn his flesh until he vomited blood. When he lost consciousness, they tossed his body into the courtyard and they  called for his  followers  to come for him. They found him in the courtyard- his blood soaking in the snow. They thought he was dying and started to prepare for his funeral, but three days later he regained consciousness; after a week he could speak, and after ten days he could stand- that very day he began to preach the word of God. The greatest sin is to deny God’s existence, as the communist does. While he worked in prison in a fertilizer factory, the prisoners would put rubber tips on their fingers to protect from the acid, but the acid would quickly wear through them. The acid fumes would eat through their clothing, making them useless and their bones  would  become visible, but they had to continue working without so much as a day’s rest; even when our sores were bleeding and oozing pus.  In this death camp, 100 died each month where he was given a five year sentence. Hunger- The pain of hunger can only be experienced by those who have experienced it. In this death camp, if a prisoner died at mealtime, the other would dig out any rice left in his moth to eat. I have been the lowest of the low, and the beggar of beggars. Malaria-He came down with malaria. His faced flushed with fever, and his body shook with severe chills. As he worked, his legs tottered as though they would give way any minute. He had difficulty keeping his balance, and not full use of his hands.   One of his Disciple   cried, and begged  him to rest, but he told him that he was doing something to put me in a position to be accused by Satan He  asked him not to cry for him; cry for God, because God is suffering more than he is.. You remember after Jesus told Peter that he would go to Jerusalem – where he would suffer many things and be killed: But Peter said: no; this must never happen. Jesus called him Satan. In all of True Father’s suffering, he prayed to God not to worry about him. In True Parents life, they restored 6000 years of providential history. We all must learn from history, if we don’t want to repeat it. Only the Messiah can pay the debt we owe. Zachariah 12:14– All the families that are left, each by itself, and their wives by themselves each with an  overwhelming  individual sorrow over BLINDLY  REJECTING  their UNRECOGNIZED MESSIAH. (Jesus). Don’t repeat this!

          So why must the Messiah go to hell? When Adam and Eve fell away from God, they went to hell and took all of humanity with them. So Hell itself has got to be cleaned up.  We ourselves   cannot set  the condition to resolve our Ancestor’s sin  because  this sin is at the very root of  “The Tree”.  So a Central Figure that   is  anointed by God must appear and clean up the foundational sin that was committed by our first Ancestors. That particular person  ( a Central Figure), is the Messiah. He is the one chosen by God, and He is the chosen one that comes with God’s blood lineage that has been purified through generations of human ancestors. It is this Central Figure who can set- up numerous- conditions  for the sake of returning humanity back to the original condition from which our first Ancestors deviated. By setting- up these conditions  the Central Figure can stand before God in a position prior to the fall of Adam and Eve. From that position, He can bring us back into God’s pure blood lineage, thereby, saving us from ALL the sins of humanity, Only on that foundation can he then, crown God as the King the He is, lead us back to God   through the BLESSING of COUPLES, and their families  and build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth FULL of God’s Centered Families having nothing to do with Satan. This is the Kingdom that Jesus came to build, and this is God’s original plan for His children.

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