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True Love Waits

The age of 18 to 25 is an age when the flowers of love blossoms the most. This is a once in a life time period. How precious is this period? It is a time when beauty is manifested to the greatest degree, a time of conversion when we can be in touch with everything, and form relationships. This is because the original nature of creation which seeks to unite man and women a 100% completely is in place centered on God’s love. Adolescence is a time when all will start to look for a reciprocal partner. Whom do they resemble that makes them this way? They resemble God, the united male and female image. This is a time when all their physical functions reach 100% perfection. Everything become saturated and stops. All physical functions reach a state of Maturity. This is a time when we can grab love with all of our might and become unified with it. Our body has approximately 400 trillion cells. They are activated when a human being love with God’s True Love. You must unite your mind and body. Make your body unite centering on your mind. No matter how much you have to sacrifice, you should make your body unite centering on your mind, God’s will, God’s united world, and God’s ideal of creation.

Let me explain: When Jesus died on the cross, it caused a return separation of spirit and flesh. Half of God’s will, would be realized, and the other half would not. The physical body of Jesus was given up as a ransom to Satan. So we all were born with a conflicted disorder, good and bad within the same body. We all were born on the brink of destruction. Satan has used our bodies to take us to hell. Roman 7:23-25 (PLEASE READ) Paul is talking about the bodily members. He wondered who would release him from this body of death.  If we turned on our kitchen faucet, and found that when we turned on the cold water, we got hot, and when we turned on the hot water, and we got cold or the hot was hot and then cold, we would repair it.

So why are we pleased with a body that works this way? Our mind represents our conscious, and our body represents Satan. Tell Satan that he can’t have your body, and mean it. If you are not determined to go the sacrificial way, you will have to pay indemnity. Purity is more important than life. (If you break God’s Principle you will pay)  You should not ruin your purity during adolescence which is the precious time when you cleanse and indemnify the purity lost by Adam and Eve during their youth. You should preserve your purity, precious and clean. You should have the mind and determination that even if you have to live a thousand or ten thousand years alone, that your precious sexual organ will absolutely NEVER BE MISUSED.

Everything in this world loses the value of its existence if it is not engaged in an ideal RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP. Therefore, it is a very nature development for a man and women to receive the marriage blessing from God after growing and becoming matured.PURITY WAS LOST in The Garden of Eden. Both Adam and Eve lost their purity. Eve first lost it- then, she tempted Adam who was the original root. In order to indemnify this- women have been mistreated by men. Brother and sisters, please keep your purity!!  Your sexual organs are a dividing line between Heaven and Hell.  It ALL depends on the way you use them. First Love Dominates Everything.Originally, God was supposed to be our first love because He is the subject of love.God is the ONLY ONE who can give His first True Love that is everlasting. Any other love other than God’s True Love is false love centered on Satan, and it will perish. The whole reason man and woman search for each other is to find God’s first True Love which opens the door to happiness.

          Eve’s first love should have been God’s True Love. She should have loved with joy, saying: this is good and it’s very delicious to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, after they had matured, and received God’s BLESSING. She should have loved with all of her body cells, feeling joy as though she were a flower waiting for an early spring to come. All of the 400 trillion cells would have been activated. If Adam and Eve had made their first LOVE centered on God, their first would have been packed with love: parent’s love centering on God’s first love, husband and wife’s love centering on God’s first love, children’s love centered on God’s first love. Every root would have been tightly connected with God’s love. Only God’s first love can put all of these loves together.  By putting God’s first love at the center it would have created the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. You see, God’s love powers all life on earth. If His first love was inside of all people, the world would be filled with Holy people.

However, Eve experienced Satan’s love first. She tempted Adam, and all of humanity died. Our first Ancestor, Adam and Eve were the cause for all humanity to be born dead and in sin. So the Hell we live in on earth today is due to the MISUSE of love in the Garden. Our sexual organs are just that important. When Eve experienced Satan’s love, it started with crying and a frowning face. In her heart she felt the pangs of conscience as she was unwilling being pulled and raped by the Archangel. Keep in mind that Eve was a young girl about 13 or 14 years old. All of her cells were activated with a Dying Heart. Know that the fall took place in our sexual organs. We are here to put the spotlight on Satan where it should be .Revelation 12:9– This is the snake, the serpent, the Devil, who pulled all of us into HELL. We all were born with such a father!! Jesus said: we all are of our father the Devil. We all should be running to free ourselves from him when God sends us the BLESSING to do so.

Our crime: our lower parts: Genesis 3:7, 2nd Peter 2:4.  This is where the contradiction between the human mind and body begin. We came to have a mind that always fights and struggle. The power of the original mind desires good, but the power of the wicked mind desires evil. This is the cause of the fights between families, societies, and nations, shedding the blood of unhappiness. Because we lost God’s love in the fall, our mind and body cannot unite. The struggle will continue until we find the place that we can receive God’s first True Love. This place is called “The Blessing”. This blessing brings us rebirth, resurrection and eternal life with God as our father, having NOTHING to do with Satan. After this blessing, our body can function as God intended.  The ones who bring this blessing are called: The True Parents of all mankind, the King and Queen of Peace,

The Second Advent of our Lord, the Messiah. They are the ones who bring “God’s first love”. Only those who possess God’s love can have the privilege to inherit the power of all heaven and earth which God created. Only a true person can unite with God. When this true person makes a relationship with God, they can stand the same as God. Love contains this right as well as the rights of inheritance. You can own everything God own. Don’t you think this is worth the WAIT? If two people can kill all of humanity from their sexual organs, what if God can find  430 people that are will willing to keep their PURITY for him? We can not only save AMERICA; we can save the WORLD!! Please find out how to connect to them and save your marriage, our society, our nation and the world. Call for information – 407-846-8256 Website: – Also check our articles website:— Rev. Elma King-June 17,

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