prayingBefore there was anything there was love, and then came life.  So, what came second must fall in line with what came first. The highest purpose in life is to be born through love, raised in love, live by love and to leave a legacy of love when you die. We are all born to love because love is the foundation of life to all things.

When we have children we can start to understand what it is like to love our own children as God loves us, but only thousands of times more. We become that center around the children as God should be the center around all us.

Why Do We Marry?

We marry so that we can experience parental love, which is the formation stage, conjugal love, which is the growth stage, and children’s love which is the completion stage. Men and women longed for each other because God love can be possessed by the man only through the woman, and by the woman only through the man. We must know that God dwells in a place where man and woman become as ONE IN LOVE. It is through our sexual organs that man and woman can become procreators with God. Marriage is the only way we can come to resemble God, our creator.

Why do we need These Kinds of Love?

We need these kinds of love because the spirit world is filled with the air of such love. Having a family helps you to be in the rhythm of the spirit world. This is where you will find: grandparents who represent our past, Parents, who represent our present, and children who represent our future. These are the people that we will interact with in the spirit world. It is here on earth where we learn how to do it. If the spirit world is our home, and it is a place where we will return without fail; then, why are we not talking about it? Why are we not making the needed preparations for our return? We only live on this earth once, and this short life here is but a dot in history compared to all eternity in the spirit world. So we need to know why we are sent on this earth, and make it counts while we are in this precious soil that we call our body.

Our Textbook

We are sent down to earth to work in a workshop, that we call a family. God gives us a family as a textbook that we will study. It is in this family that heaven starts, and this family is call a school. In this family is where we learn how to love the world. Please know this: the Kingdom of Heaven doesn’t exist apart from the family. Right in the family is the place where we learn how to love all of humanity. We start with our mother and father, our sisters and brothers and our grandparents. Why is it so important to learn how to love our family members in our family? It is the family that makes up societies, it is societies that make up a nation, and it is nations that make up the world. When you have true love for your mother in the family, you can start to see all mothers as your mom, and love them. The same goes with your father. Every sister and brother, grandparent, aunt and uncle could be like your family. When you grow up in a family of true love with God at the center, would you even dare bring harm to anyone in the world? You would realize that the people in the world are not strangers that you pass by every day, but they are all connected to you like an internet through our Heavenly Father God. We are indeed, one family in God. One might say that this is a pipe dream. These kinds of family are being built all over America and the world as we speak.

marriage_2074156bThe people in World are the extension of the people in your family. The elderly are an extension of your grandmother and grandfather, middle age people are the extension of your mother and father, and young people are an extension of your children, We have lost the original source; the core standard that one family representing the family of Adam and Eve be connected to the whole humankind. Once this source is rediscovered, all the problems of the world will be solved naturally.  Heaven starting in every family this way, it would be nothing short of the Kingdom of heaven on earth. Brothers and sisters, I am here to tell you that the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is already here since 2012. Every day like a thief in the night, we keep building on it. By the year 2020, the world will see this Kingdom of Heaven on earth without fail!

So if you have trashed your family, go quickly and find them, and repent in tears to them. Before you didn’t know how precious they are, but if you are reading this message from God’s representatives you know now. You need to know that your family is the heaven that you seek. You must know that the special right to inherit all the power and authority of heaven and earth created by God lies right in your own family.

Love the family and you can love the world that God so loves.

Those with Eyes, Please Let Them See

True Parents of Heaven and earth and all mankind tells us this: love your grandmother and grandfather, because they were sent here on this earth as representatives of all the grandmothers and grandfathers in the spirit world. If you love them, He will credit you for having loved them all. When you show exceptional love for your mother and father, He will credit you for having lovedALL mothers and fathers. When you as a man loves a women, or you as a women loves a man; you will be given credit as a man representing ALL men in the spirit world, and as a women representing ALL women in the spirit world. Loving a son or daughter will be held by this standard. You will receive heavenly degrees, from an elementary school certificate, to a bachelor’s and doctoral degree, according to your work of love.

Please, Know That the Earth is a Workshop

God has sent us all down to the earth to learn how to love in a school of love that is called our family. We need LOVE to live in the spirit world when we return back home to Him. Our physical parents would send us off to a school of college to learn how to earn a degree in whatever field of study we choose. We need knowledge and money to live on earth in order to supply our basic needs. God is our spiritual Parents .He wants to see our hearts overflowing with love for our family when we return home to Him. He would want to roll out the red carpet to celebrate us for a mission well done.

Our physical parents are like God. When we return home from college, they too would seek to roll out the red carpet for us, if we returned home with knowledge that will help us live a good life on earth, as we start our new life. But what if we came down to earth and soaked up the sun without knowing why we were sent here? What if we went to college and stayed many years without knowing our purpose for being there? What a painful heart our spiritual and physical parents would carry around. We would have wasted valuable time and broken their hearts. Now that you know why you are here, which is to grow your spirit, your heart of love, let us get busy loving, and living for the sake of others. If you don’t love others, you have nothing to do with God. God gave up His only begotten Son Jesus for the world. This should tell you how much He loves the world. Yes, you will still find the world in your family, and loving your family is what we were born to do.

Rev. Elma King (using True Parents’ words to reach you ). June 17, 2016

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