The 4th Sunday of May is exceptional for us here because of all the new events. As the kids are embracing summer break in most schools in Florida, Kissimmee home church has decided to give them the floor this

Sunday. The children have expressed themselves in a touching and moving way that let all of us in awe.
Abigail, the Mcee today said this school year has been the quickest one ever and it’s hard to believe it has ended. She has been so busy with classes, academic competitions and other programs that made the year go fast. She pointed out that as the Mcee today she would like to grasp this opportunity to thank not only her family but all those involved in her life.
She says she is grateful for everything her family does for her everyday and would like God to show her a better way to return her love to her family. She would like to show more responsibility in her life.

Victor who has been the usher for some times now described his school year as being enjoyable and even more fun as it was crowned with a talent show night event at school. He participated in the performance and stole the show obviously.

Manuella, our very caring member who welcomes visitors, is overwhelmingly proud of herself for her school achievement and the perfect attendance. She said she’s very happy that she went to school on time everyday without failure. In the event of any sickness she will show up st school and rather be sent home than being absent.

Gloriana whose graduation celebration was on the way, wanted to express her joy to know that her entire family is going to come to support her.

Such testimonies brought tears to some participants and according to Rev. Elma King they made history because her deep concern is to get second generation involved in church activities with factual assignments, so they can develop the feeling of belonging and actually take part in decisions making. As we are speaking now most children are already enjoying their summer break.
Gertrude who after losing her job and applying in a variety of facilities is requesting prayers for the will of God to be accomplished. In the meantime she is consecrating her spare time to the children by helping with any provision she can afford
Rev. Souck shared with us his trip to Ohio for a birthday surprise party for Rev. Michael Lamson. He said this was a little token in remembrance of Rev. Lamson having been the Cameroon national Messiah from the late nineties till 2003. Despite all the difficulties he encountered his work in Cameroon has been amazing. Among other great things Mr. Lamson did, he helped Rev. Souck get an invitation to come the United States of America where he resides today with his family. Both shared a great time in the middle of family members and other friends that showed up for the party.

Rev. Souck is going to Las Vegas for the DP workshop that will last 7 days.
Rev. Elma King is happy to hear back from the Byrd family after a long silence and she testified her growing love for her husband who is caring and patient.

Rev. King shared the details of his trip to Jacksonville where he was invited to preach about perfection.

We ended the service with the sermon given by Rev Souck entitled “How long are we going to live on earth? ” A good reminder to all of us that our final destination is the spirit world regardless of age, of gender, race, health, social status or social rank. We all have to prepare ourselves for the spirit world by living a sacrificial life here on earth.
Just a little update: the children have entered their summer break; Gertrude has found a job and Rev. Souck is attending the DP workshop since may 25th.

Report from the Soucks in Palm Bay, FLORIDA

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