Two Olive treesThe Kingdom of Heaven on Earth should have started with TWO PEOPLE, ADAM AND EVE. Had these two very first ancestors of all humanity obeyed the will of God, all the children coming from them would have been GOD CENTERED CHILDREN. They would have had God Centered families, God Centered  Societies ,God  Centered Nations, and finally, a God Centered World. This would have been the Kingdom of heaven on earth; because God would be dwelling in every temple of His children and God’s “HOPE”, the Tree of life would have been fulfilled.

Sadly, our first ancestors disobeyed God. Adam was suppose to be theTREE OF LIFE, a man who has fulfilled the purpose of creation. Standing beside him was Eve, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. These TWO TREES were to grow through three levels of growth: foundation, growth, and completion. After reaching completion, which is PERFECTION, SPIRITUAL MATURITY, OR FRUITFUL, they would have been married by God Himself. God Himself would have been in the centered of the first marriage to take place on earth. All of Adam and Eve’s children would have been born in God Holy Order of love, and 6000 years ago, from TWO TREES, the kingdom of Heaven on Earth would have started, and grew. Instead of keeping God’s commandments, Eve was tempted by Satan to use her love that hung in the middle of the garden, her sexual organs. She contaminated the very Root of the tree. She then tempted Adam, hoping that she could right this terrible WRONG, but they both fell into HELL. This is where they lost everything that God had given them, and even God, and God’s Love. They became children of the Devil with Satan’s tainted blood lineage and people who would carry out Satan’s WILL AND NOT God’s will. The way to the TREE OF LIFE WAS BLOCKED, AND GOD RAN THEM OUT OF THE GARDEN. We LOST the parents of humankind! The fighting began with Adam and Eve, and has never stopped even to this day

Please know that everything we see today are things that were created outside of the garden, by our father the Devil. What we are seeing is hell on earth that has been created by the children of the Devil, far away from God’s ideal for His children. God’s HOPE has been deferred, and our HEARTS have become SICK. When your heart is sick, you are sick all over with pain, sickness, and diseases.

          Our biological Parents came from this same fallen nature, children of the Devil. They are not a model for us to pattern our lives after. If we are honest, our eyes have seen terrible things that they did; but they have been all we had, until God could send us TRUE PARENTS.

My story: I came from a large family. Sometimes, my biological parents left us in care of the older siblings. The moment our parents were out of sight the fighting among us would start in the family. We were a bunch of wild olive trees. We did things that we knew were wrong. We were in the kitchen in the flour, in the pots and pans, in my mom high heel shoes, lip stick, jumping on the bed, water fights, pulling, pushing, and tugging on each other; the house was a mess. However, the moment we saw our biological parents coming, we start to clean up our mess. We all met them at the door with lies in our mouth, and blaming each other. But they were able to bring temporary peace in the home. However, they themselves were from the same wild olive field of seed that we came from. Soon we would see the fights break out among them also. The voices got loud, and the name calling would start. We could only run away, and pray that no one would get hurt. This terrible pattern has gone on for many generations.

How can we change the pattern that has been passed down from our painful history of our fallen Ancestors?

We can change the pattern of wild olive trees by changing our Seeds . WILD OLIVE TREES will continue to be wild olive trees for thousands of years, unless you change the ROOT. God, Himself has provided us a way to change this ROOT, so the fighting will finally stop. We ALL must go through the “BLESSING” There is no other way. The last days; Rev. 21:9: talks about the marriage supper of the Lamb, and “the bride the Lamb’s wife”. So there are “two People”. In the end as it was in the beginning. God wants to be real in our lives.

The THIRD Adam ,and his wife Eve; THE TWO TRUE OLIVE TREES brings back  God and God’s True Love to ALL humanity through the Holy Wedding. This is God’s way to restore us fallen children from the pits of hell where Satan has kept us chained and bounded. When we all come to understand and receive our True Parents; we can also receive God, God’s love, His life and His lineage. And the FIGHTING WILL STOP!!!. Together, we can build the new Heaven and new earth. Proverb 11:30– (they captures human lives for God, as a fisher of God’s lost children, they gather, and receive them for all eternity). They are our HOPE FULFILLED; they are the tree of LIFE. Once we receives this great blessing, our mission also is to gather God’s lost children from the fields of WILD OLIVE TREES, until all the fields are fill with beautiful true olive trees. This is nothing short of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  So brothers and sisters, We need to right this WRONG. The sooner you come into the “BLESSING”, the sooner you can help God finish the work of CREATION with Our True Parents, and the FIGHTING will stop. Only then will you see the PEACE that you have been waiting for. They are our Heavenly MODEL that we can pattern our lives by.   Written by Rev. Elma King ( Using True Parents’ words).

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