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Brothers and Sisters,
I want you to take a second look at God, the one we call our Father. Who is He? God is our Heavenly True Parents. God is a God of duel characteristics of both male and female living together in harmony.  Yes there is a mother and father God. He is a spirit, which means He cannot be seen by our physical eyes. So He is also without FORM. Even if you went to the spirit world, you wouldn’t be able to see God.  Even if God stood right in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to see Him. So why do you think God made Adam and Eve? Because God, Himself is invisible, it is hard for Him to relate to a world of substance,( the physical world). So God divided Himself into Adam and Eve, male and female, so He could reign over the earth. Genesis 1: 27 .. Male and female God created them in His own image. When the two becomes spiritual matured, and join together in marriage centered on the invisible God; they would be no longer two, but ONE. God’s plans were to make His invisible form into a visible form through the Physical bodies of Adam and Eve so He could relate to His children in the physical world. Adam and Eve were to be the model, and embodiment of God which the whole world would follow. God’s purpose was to manifest Himself in the visible form of Adam and Eve; two People. Revelation 21:3 says, .. And He shall live among them and they shall be His people, and God HIMSELF, shall personally be with them and be their God.  This physical FORM of God is our horizontal True Parents on earth, while God is the vertical True Heavenly Parents in the spirit world. Even though Adam and Eve are the MODEL FOR ALL of God’s children to follow, we are all created in God’s image. We, who follows True Parents should be God’s temples and become the dwelling places for Him to live in, creating the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This was God’s plan from day one of the creation. So God created the world of Angles first, and He was speaking to the angles when He said let us make man in our own image. Secondly, God created ALL Things . After the creation, He felt boundless excitement, hope, and immeasurable joy. And lastly, He created His masterpieces; His sons and daughters. These are the three stages of creation. God experienced the greatest joy as He watched Adam and Eve grow up in the garden. God created them to be His nest and the object partner of His True Love. Without true love, we have nothing to do with God. Because God needs a form, He put all of His love life, and hope into the creation of human beings. God is True love, and it’s His true love that perfects us, and our love perfects God. This is the whole ideal between ONENESS AND HUMAN BEINGS; the God in us. The world will become ONE based on everyone’s unity with True Parents. The one thing that God needs most is LOVE, and without us, His object partner, He can’t experience this love.  One cannot love by themselves. This is why you see that God created everything in pairs, plus and minus, stamen and pistil, male and female, man and woman. Love needs a reciprocal partner. Once you have become that perfect person centered on God’s True love, we can unite with Him and share everything together with Him forever. When Adam and Eve fell in the garden through an illicit sexual relationship, they took a plunge into the bottom of hell. They lost our True Heavenly parents, and embraced another father; the Devil. We lost God, God’s love, life and lineage, and took on the false love, life and lineage of Satan, our father, the devil. We became orphans children, far away from God’s original plans for us. Who can comprehend the sorrowful painful heart of God, as He was forced to hand over the nation and the world to Satan? God’s greatest joy, turned into the deepest of sorrows. It was deep and wide beyond what any human being can ever fathom. What God have worked for billions of years to give His children was stolen in one night. The moment the word FALL appeared, the word SORROW,  also appeared. God never intended for us to have even one day of sorrow. With the fall, a dark force invaded the world for which God had had much hope.  From the point of the fall, God has been a God of sorrow, and pain. Human being wronged God, and brought Him to a miserable and painful state. Everything God owned was placed in the hands of the enemy. God’s family, God’s children, God’s property, God’s creation as well as  His  world. Adam had given everything to Satan, the enemy of love, and Satan became the ruler of this world. We were all born in the lineage of Satan, and this is why the world is the enemy of God. So brothers and Sisters, God is not seated on a throne receiving praise and glory. Instead He is weeping bitterly as He works to save fallen human beings. He is in pain as He works to save people from the pits of misery in which they have fallen. God is crying,   come here!! Come here!! But with all of the crying, He can’t force people to come to Him, because He has given us free will. God’s robe is soaked with His blood sweat, and tears over His children, as He labor behind the scenes  of history to restore us.  God has been treated more unjustly than a person sentenced to death. He has been treated as a traitor to His people, when they should have recognized Him as a champion of goodness.  We need to experience the sorrowful heart of God. We need to feel God’s intense grief at the loss of Adam and Eve when they betrayed him and fell. Unless you understand what God’s love is all about, and experience how much He loves human beings, you can’t fathom the depths of His sorrow upon losing them. We need to know that restoration is not free.  The sins that were committed in the family must necessarily be indemnified. The word indemnity came about as a result of the fall. It means the separation from Satan. Unless there are sacrifices no indemnity can be made. The fall was a failure to complete the human being’s responsibility; so Satan was allowed to come into existence, and takes ownership .The completed Testament age, which is now, is a time when all people of the world completes their portion of  responsibilities . We now need to segregate Satan with love, since he came into existence because of our failure.

How do we liberate God? We ourselves can do it by becoming victorious over the fall. The fighting that is going on within us between God and Satan,( good and evil) can only be eliminated by love; by God’s love. Nothing except God’s essential love can do it. Our destiny is to liberate God. We should be people who God has sought for 6,000 years, who can say, it’s my fault that God is in shackles. It is my fault that Satan is accusing God. The Lord of the Second Advent comes to earth to complete God’s will.  TRUE PARENTS’ brings “The Blessing” it is the starting point to regain everything that the Devil stolen from us through the FALL. TheBLESSING IS GOD POURING HIS GRACE ON HIS LOST CHILDERN.In this Blessing, all sins are forgiven, and you are given rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. We need to take God’s will upon our shoulders by coming into the blessing to receive God’s love again, and do all we can as He allows us to participate in the great work of building His Kingdom on earth; ONE LOVE, ONE LIFE, ONE FAMILY IN GOD. See: tellingplainlyofthe father.com “Plain Talk”-407-846-8256

Written by: Rev. Elma King  (using True Parents’ words to reach you).

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