Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How would you like to experience the “Greatest Love” that the world has ever known? This kind of love is possible, and it is knocking at our door with this letter. If we look back in history 6,000 years ago, it was “BLESSING” that God gave to Adam and Eve. God “Blessed” them, and gave them the “Three Great Blessing” but they “LOST” them in the fall. They lost God’s life, God’s love, and God’s lineage, and plummeted into utter ignorance. Again, we see that God gave Noah “BLESSING” after 120 years of building the ark. Genesis 9:1. God pronounced Three Blessing s upon Noah and his sons, to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, after the flood judgment. Noah LOST them when his son Ham laughed at his father’s nakedness. In Matthew 4: 17, Jesus was given the “THREE GREATBLESSINGS”, after 40 days and 40 nights of fasting and praying in the wilderness, and being tempted by the devil. The devil tempted Jesus with the Three Blessings that he had stolen from Adam, but Jesus was victorious over all the temptations, and told Satan to begone.
Jesus first words to humanity were: REPENT, THE Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. We rejected Jesus, and He said His Kingdom was not of this world. (John 8:32). We LOST the very thing that ALL humanity has been eagerly waiting for; the day when God would blessed them! The “BLESSING” is a day when God’s wishes can finally be fulfilled , and His grief of the past 6,000 years can be resolved. It’s a time when the wishes of Jesus who came to the earth as the Son of God for ALL HUMANITY can be fulfilled. It’s a time when people can love with God’s TRUE LOVE, for the first time since the creation.

It’s a time when the creation, its self can stop groaning in travail, as well as we ourselves. God has worked so hard to bring us these three Great Blessings, so the Kingdom of Heaven could start on the earth, and we have worked even harder to block Him every time!! We have fluctuated God soo many times by blocking the very thing that we are praying for everyday. Brothers and sisters, the three Great Blessings is not something that an individual can fulfill alone. They can ONLY be fulfilled in a family where the Kingdom of Heaven starts. Everything on earth “PERFECTS” itself through a relationship of love (Maturity). If love is not matured, the form to bear fruit cannot be made. Man’s perfection ONLY comes from woman, and woman’s perfection ONLY comes from man.
Together we can grow into perfection. The two becoming one is a place where we meet God. Our palace is where we can receive the GRACE OF GOD, AND WE ARE ALLOWED TO WALK INTO THE DOOR OF HAPPINESS, AND ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH. When man and woman becomes one and live for each other they return the GRACE TO GOD. They becomes God’s “DWELLING – PLACE “, and God bequeaths them the rights to inherit the entire universe. True Parents have worked very hard in America for 40 years, and God wants to give His GRACE UPON AMERICA. After 2,000 years since Jesus, the “BLESSING” has made its way to our shores through True Parents’ blood , sweat and tears. Now, “ALL MARRIED COUPLES”, young or old, regardless of race, culture, or religion, can come into the blessing from your church as a Unificationist, or a non- Unificationist couple and rededicate your marriage to God. January 27 , 2016

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