Our Three Lives (November  7, 2015)

dp-divine-principle-short-intro-25-638Before reading this article, please checkout “ Knowing God, the Being of the Number Three.

Brothers and Sisters, I want to talk about our three lives; which is formation, growth and completion. We all must know that from the spirit world, God sends us to the earth to attend  “A  School  of Love”. In this school, you can earn a kinder garden, grade school, middle school, high school, or the finest college degree known to man. However, you won’t find it by attending any of the well known schools or colleges that you can think of in this world today. You will find this school of love only in your families.

Our first life, the life of water: starts from a seed that was planted in the womb of our mother by our father. In our mother’s womb, we go through three trimesters.  By the second month, the baby is forming eyes.  He is in a world of water,   and there is no need for eyes where he lives. By the third month, the baby is forming mouth and teeth, fingers, arms, hands and feet have developed. Why does the baby need a mouth? His/ her mouth is an umbilical cord that is attached to the mother, and it supplies all the food that is needed; that cord serves as a mouth. Before the baby is born, all the vital organs that are needed to function are created in this womb.  The baby is breathing in a world of water.  If the lifeline cord is cut; the life for him or her ends there and then.

So why are all of these vital organs being developed in a place that it is not needed in the womb? God is preparing us in the womb for the world to come; a world that we know not of.

When it is time to leave this place, we are born kicking and screaming to stay where we are.

The Second life, a life of air:

We take our first breath of air into a whole new world; mother earth. All the things that we developed in the world of  water are  needed here in the earth.  The cord and the after birth needed to grow your physical body have now been thrown away. Your old house is no longer needed here in the new world. You have a second mouth now. No one has to tell you how to use it, just let the mother put the nipple close and the baby will start to feed on the milk.  This physical body is like a womb to the spirit that is inside you. The physical body on earth must go through three stages:  which is , children, adolescent and adulthood. Your lifeline here on earth   is air. If air is cut off from you, you will die. Inside of your body is another body called spirit body. It grows on the food from God’s plain truth, and the good we do in this physical body for others. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. The spirit body will not grow on parables and symbols. The physical body grows on the food we eat from the mother earth.

Remember when you were in the mother’s womb, you developed organs that were not needed in the mother’s womb, but they would be needed in the next world that you would be going? So the spirit that is inside of your body is being prepared by you this time, to go to another world.  It has wings, but we don’t need to fly here on earth. The spirit records everything we do while in this body on earth whether it’s good or bad. It is you , not God, who decides where you go when you leave this earth. Every day you live, you are closer to the day you will return back home. So, the family that you are born in to is your school of love.  LET US ALL LEARN WELL!! As I said before, you can earn a kinder garden degree, a grade school degree, a middle school degree, or a college degree with the highest level you can reach in this school of love called your family. The family represents the people you will meet when you go out into the world. You will see mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, uncles and aunts. If you did you homework in the family of loving them all, you will face no problems when you go out to love the world that God so loves. Love all people with the same love that you have for your family, they are not strangers. Become people who can feed others when they are hungry; people who can help others when they have difficulties. This will help you prepare with the rhythm of the world in the next world. If I were you, I would try to earn a PHD in loving my family. We can do this by living for the sake of the family, and loving them as God  loves us.

Our Third life, a life of Love:  a world of love.

After a life of 70 to 100 plus years; give or take, it will be time to make your way back home to the God of Love.  When you were getting ready to leave the life of water, you cried when you had to leave that warm place to come to a world unknown to you, a life of air. However, you have grown to love this world now, and you wouldn’t dream of going back into the mother’s womb. When It’s time for you to leave this earthly world you don’t want to go. Everything that was needed here to grow your heart of love in this world will be discarded and returned back to the earth.  You will kick the body away and fly from this earthly body.  Your seed is now planted in the earth, and your fruits are now ripe, and ready to be offered to God. You are reborn into a whole new world, the world of Love. This is the place where you offer your fruits to the God of love, and He gives you a crown of Glory, or He says depart from me, I never knew you if you don’t have love to offer Him.

The start button is your conscious, once you press that  start button, everything is shown about you immediately. You can’t lie. What is bounded on earth is bounded in heaven. God will reward each person for everything he or she has done in the physical body. Let me ask you now, today, if you went to the spirit world today and two gates were open for you- life or death: which one of the gates would you be prepared to enter?

We were all sent here on earth to learn how to grow our hearts of love in the family; where the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN STARTS. IT IS A PLACE THAT ONLY FAMILIES CAN GO IN TOGETHER. IN ORDER TO ENTER, YOU MUST RESEMBLE GOD.  GOD IS MALE AND FEMALE LIVING TOGETHER IN HARMONY AS ONE. THIS IS GOD’S PRINCIPLE, AND IT WILL NEVER CHANGE.  If you haven’t started to love your family, you can start today.  PLEASE KNOW YOUR PURPOSE ON THIS EARTH.

When you go to the spirit world with problems, you will not be able to solve them. Someone else has to do it for you, which could take thousands of years.  Please know that hell is real.  However, you no longer, have a physical body to make changes.     Your eternal life begins the moment you know the will of God. I tell you His will today is that you follow the one He has sent. True Parents are the only gate to the Kingdom of Heaven that we all seek. Your eternal life has now begun.

Written by Rev. Elma King ( using,  True Parents words).

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