Brothers  and Sisters. I’m here to share new things with you. Many of you have never heard these things before, so I asked that you please keep an open mind and ask God about what I share with you. I’m here to tell you Plainly of the Father. Many riddle are found in the Bible. Crouched in symbolism and metaphors this is a form of milk that we have been given until we can grow up spiritually enough to understand meat. It is only then. That we will be weaned from the milk on to the meat. The milk, is a place where God calls you. It’s a nature stage where you see things like a baby, in the natural. With your physical eyes, you will see things literally. Example a speaker might say “Walk a mile in my shoes.” A person that’s on milk will start to think of actual miles and actual shoes. If someone would say “My neck of the woods” A person that has not matured, (on milk), may thing of a literal and actual woods, but the speaker is only speaking figuratively. We do this a lot in America. If you take these words literally, you will miss your target by a mile.

I hope you can follow me so far.

People that is on milk, not weaned from the bread) see things that are written in the Bible, the parable and symbols as literal; Example – if the Bible said Trees, you will see a natural tree, if it said fire, that is what you’ll see, actual fire. When the Bible speaks of theserpent , the fruits, the sky, the stars, the moon, even death and resurrection, you can only see these things with your Flesh body, meaning your physical eyes.  The “symbols “ has left a lot of people thinking that we were meant to live on earth in this physical body forever. When the Bible speak of fruit. We see literal fruits. The fall left us in a flesh body.

There are so many calamities in the Bible, and if you take them literally you will be totally lost to the words that God speaks, the spirit of Truth.

But if you are   to understand some of the things God is saying, then He will increase your knowledge. You are then no longer called, but you are chosen by Him.

He calls you on the milk, and chose you on meat. He calls many, but what happens is that they stay on the milk, because they think that milk is all there is. So they learn the scriptures that are crouched in parables and symbols and they lean on their own understanding of what the scriptures means. Someone else, reading the same scripture interprets it another way, and another church is planted. You who have wrapped up yourself in the scriptures in the natural, truly believe that you have the right interpretation of them. You become boastful and arrogant. You don’t want to seek anything else. You close the door, because you really believe you have it down pack. People like this, which have been called on milk in the natural, are never chosen for the meat. Many are called, but few are chosen. We must know that God is bigger than the pages of the Bible.

Jesus spoke to His disciples in symbols in the crowd, but when they were alone. He told them the plain truth. They said, now you are speaking plainly and we understand. John 16:29 – 31. Jesus continued you speak to the crown in parables and symbols. Withouta parable, He said nothing to them.

Let’s take a look at some examples that Jesus spoke: If you obey my word, you will never die, the scribes picked up stones to kill Jesus. Destroy this temple, and I will raise it up in three days. It took 46 years to build this temple and he is going to raise it up in three days they asked? Jesus said, the truth will set you free, but they told Jesus, we have never been anyone’s slave. Can you see how the scribes that were on milk in the nature, saw the physical death, they saw a literal physical Temple, when Jesus was talking about His spiritual temple. When Jesus told them that the truth would set them free, they only saw the natural bondage, not spiritual. Jesus and the scribes could not connect. Jesus said if I tell you of physical things right here on the earth and you don’t understand how can I tell you of spiritual things.

Jesus brought new truth to the world. Many of the words He spoke were not written while He was on the earth, but the scribes and phrases wanted Him to preach the Scriptures for them. They wanted to know, where could they find  this New Truth was found in the Bible. Jesus said you search the Scriptures, thinking in them you will find eternal life. But, He was the way, the truth, and life. The Pharisees couldn’t understand what Jesus was trying to teach them, so this New Truth Jesus brought, had to be sealed until His return.

They were called but not chosen. Matt 13:11 Jesus told the disciples: to you it has been a given to know the secrets and mysteries of the kingdom, but to them it had not been given. Why, because having power of seeing. They do not see and having the power to hear. They do not hear, nor do they grasp and understand, for their hearts were fat and dull;  their ears have difficultly hearing. If the people had understood in their hearts and repented Jesus would have made this New Truth, he taughtplain to them. But they were boastful and arrogant and Jesus wasn’t about to make things plain to them. The Words Jesus spoke were not ever written down in the Bible until many, many years after He had left the earth. These words He spoke came down from God. God expected the people to believe in the one He has sent. When they didn’t Jesus only gave them the messages in veiled language.

Jesus said I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things that have been hidden from the foundation of the earth. Brothers and sisters these things are in the Divine Principle that was written before the Bible, written before the foundation of the Earth. The Bible is stories teaching about things that Jesus wanted to say in plain language. One God, one Truth, that’s not over to your own interpretation.

All scriptures have the same purpose which is to illuminate their surroundings with The Light of Truth. The New Truthmust offer answers to all those deep Questions in life. When the answers are made clear, it will not be possible to deny theexistence of God, the ruler who plans and guides history. We will recognize in every historic event  which traces to the heart of God as He has struggled to save human beings. The New Truth should explain these puzzles, not as parables, but as Jesus promised, in plain language that everyone can understand. Interpretation of such symbols and metaphorical Bible Verses have inevitably led to the division of Christianity into many denominations. Only with the aid of this New Truth, with its clear explanations can we bring about Christian Unity. Hence the Name. The Ultimate life, giving truth, however cannot be discovered through exhaustive investigation of scriptures, or scholarly texts. Nor can it be invented by any human intellect.

With the passage of time, God has sent one person to this earth to resolve the fundamental problems  of human life and the Universe, His name is Dr. Sun Myung Moon. He’s the second coming of the Messiah, In every corner of the world, countless souls who have been groping in the darkness are receiving light in this New Truth and are being reborn. We desire from the bottom of our hearts that this light quickly, fills the earth.

Brothers and sisters, this New Truth is for All of Gods children, not just for pastors. It is your responsibility to make your way into a work shop and learn it for yourself. Over the many years my husband and I have been working with the ACLC (American Clergy Leadership Conference). Pastors have been accommodated in many ways to come out and learn this truth.

They were to take it to their churches, and feed each of Gods Sheep’s. If they have not done so, this matter lies between the pastors and God Himself. I do know however, that the one that leads God’s sheep will be held by a higher standard and greater severity than others. It says so in James 3:1. We are now taking this New Truth to anyone that God has prepared to hear it. Please know that God is brining unity to the world through his words. He is creating us to be “One family under God” because the sheep have been scattered. God now  has raised up One Sheppard over them, and He will feed them this New Truth.

Over the next month or so, I will explain some of the things in the Bible that you take to be literally, but through Scriptures you will find out they are only symbolic. There is a Wedding this year; come to the workshops and get prepared to be in the next Wedding. We will have them until all of God’s children are free.

Rev. Elma King- using True Parents words to help you see

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