Sun Myung Moon and his wife   “TRUE PARENTS” is the purpose for God’s creation. God needs True Parents on earth to start His Central Family, and be the perfect Model for His children to follow. God was waiting to bless His son and daughter in the Holy Blessed Marriage when they were spiritually matured.

When Adam and Eve’s love took a wrong turn and connected to Satan’s false love, false  life ,and false lineage, God ran them out of the Garden of Eden.  So their children were  ALL born dead outside of the  garden of  Eden. Genesis 2:8: this Garden was planted by God, so God is the ROOT. Ezekiel 28:13 Eden, the Garden of God….. (you will see that God’s Blood Linage was filled with God’s bountiful Blessings), until in Ezekiel 28: 15 They were perfect in thy ways from the day thou were created until  iniquity (Sin) was found in thee. Genesis 3:24 God blocked them from the Tree of Life. They couldn’t become “TRUE PARENTS”, and The BLESSED WEDDING NEVER TOOK PLACE,

Jesus the second Adam became that “Tree of Life”; that root, but He could  NOT  find His Eve. The Lamb needs a wife, in order to multiply God’s children on earth. Jesus could  ONLY become  our “SPIRITUAL TRUE PARENTS” due to the rejection of His own people that God sent Him to. He came to His own, and His own received Him NOT!! He became a bridegroom in such of His bride. Our hope was deferred, and our hearts have been sick until Jesus anointed Rev. Sun Myung Moon in 1935.. Rev. Moon was given a white stone with a NEW name that only He understood.

On March 16, 1960, “The Marriage of the Lamb” took place. Rev .Dr. Sun Myung. Moon & Rev. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the TRUE PARENTS of ALL mankind, the King and Queen of Peace, The MESSIAH; are the fulfillment for God hope after 6000 years of Biblical history. Revelation 11:4 … these are the TWO Olive Trees. (They are the Tree of Life, a hope fulfilled. Now that the tree of Life is here, God can finally bless the Marriages of All His children the way He had intended with the first Adam and Eve.

In the last days: Joel 2:28- and it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon ALL FLESH, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions. if you have Flesh, there is no way you will be able to escape God’s spirit. Let me tell you where the spirit world is; it’s inside of ALL of us. Proverb 13:12…Our desire will be fulfilled; it’s the Tree of Life.

January 13, 2013 was “Foundation Day”- a day of RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD. We have the name of being alive, but we are the walking dead. Matthew 22:32… He is not the God of the DEAD, but of the living. Let us All come and  receive  HIS LIGHT!! Brother and sisters, please know the BLESSING gates to the KINGDOM of HEAVEN that God has opened to the world through True Parents reconnects us to His linage; creating one Global family under God.

This will be a return to the Garden of Eden to receive God’s bountiful Blessings. God Himself will finally marry All of His children in the Holy Wedding that He has been waiting for 6000 years to see; the purpose of His creation .ALL must come in!!

I beg of you to pray, and feel God’s sorrowful heart as He worked tirelessly over the many years to reclaim us back as His children. God is our Heavenly Parents. Recently, we witnessed many mothers, or fathers who lost all of their children. The pain is unbearable. Imagine God losing a whole world of His children to Satan, then come in this-   WEDDING  – crawling if you have to on Februay 12, 2014.  This wedding is a process that represents the three stages of Adam, Jesus, and the Second Coming. It is held to find and establish the NEW FAMILY OF GOD. It is held that you can learn to love God more than anyone else in the world.

             Walking toward the officiator in the Ceremony is like walking through six thousand years of the providential history. It signifies the realization of love, as well as the bestowal of the rights of creation, and dominion. It’s the ceremony that draws out the original SIN. The Light of Truth has come to Christians today in the name of True Parents, THE MESSIAH. It’s a NAME we all must know, and follow!! Brothers and sisters, Please take me serious; THE MESSIAH IS HERE ON THIS EARTH RIGHT NOW, and THE GATES ARE OPEN WIDE FOR ALL OF US.

 (February 12, 2014)      

Written by Rev, Elma King

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