The-Second-Coming-of-Jesus-Christ-and-the-return-of-the-Church_(Continued from Part Two) When we take a look in the Bible we can see so many times that history was repeated when God’s mission through the people he called was not completed. We saw this with Cain and Abel. Cain was  suppose to accept his younger brother’s position. This reversal course of restoration had to take place in order to prepare for the second Adam, Jesus. Cain as we all know killed his younger brother Able. There was a pattern of good and evil. We see this pattern of Cain and Abel repeated in Jacob in Esau. Esau wanted to kill his brother Jacob. Jacob had to leave for 21 years, but on his return, he offered everything to his brother Esau. They embraced, kissed and wept. Esau completed his responsibility by loving and receiving his brother Jacob. For the first time in history restoration of Cain and Abel were completed, And the foundation to receive our Lord Jesus the Messiah was laid. We know that this pattern goes on to  Zerah and Perez. The Reversal course of restoration took place in Tamar’s womb. We know that this victorious foundation, then  prepared  a womb for the seed of the Son of God.  Matt.1:12. This is just to show you how hard God has been working to bring us back to Him. History had been prolonged over and over because of us. If it was left up to God to do everything, He would have fix the mess we made 6000 years ago, but it has always been about God and us. We all have a 5% responsibility in completing the kingdom of heaven on earth. That is why many are called to do the work, but only a few are chosen. Let me give you an example: God called me to bring the message of Now is the Time, and He let me know exactly what my mission was. I could dance around it, and make excuses why it’s not the right time. But God said, the time is now to tell everyone that the Messiah is on the earth. When I do what He said, then I become His chosen, If I don’t do it, then He will call someone else until His will is done. I tell people everywhere I go that the Messiah is on the earth.. Many look at me as if I was crazy, but God’s work has always been crazy to the world, and the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God.

The last message , I talked to you about the Jews, and How they missed the coming of Elijah on the cloud; which also made them miss Jesus the first time by looking up to the physical CLOUDS. Since History repeats itself, we need to learn from it so that we won’t make the same mistakes.

Let us see how Christians are making the same mistake 2000 years later. For 2000 years now, we have been waiting for the second coming of our Lord Jesus. He said that He would return right? Matthew 16:27.The Son of  man shall come in the Glory of the Father with His angles, He will reward every man according to his work. Revelation 22:20. Jesus said surely I will come quickly. The people saw Jesus being taken up and a CLOUD received Him out of their sight. Act 1:9-11- But two men dressed in white asked them why were you gazing into heaven”?  In other words, don’t be looking up there, because the same way you saw Him GO, He will come again.. The first time, He came to the world was like a thief in the middle of the night right? The people were still looking up for a physical COLUD, and totally missed Elijah on the SPIRITUAL CLOUD OF JOHN THE BAPTIST. Before they realized that He was there, He was going away. Jesus was born on earth, as the prophet  Micah 5:2 prophesied  that He would be born in Bethlehem( in the flesh).  Jesus grew up and was preaching the Gospel for several years, while the Jews continued to look up to the PHYSICAL CLOUDS for Him. Yet in John 3:13, Jesus said He came from Heaven. They believed in the PHYSICAL( Prophet Daniel 7:13) THAT THEY COULD SEE WITH THEIR PHYSICAL EYES, RATHER THAN BELIEVE IN GOD’S SPIRITUAL WORDS  ( In Luke1:17), God was saying that John would go before Jesus in the SPIRIT AND POWER ELIJAH. He was to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children… he was to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. These people were the Jews that had been waiting 4000 years for the Messiah.

          Let us now look at Revelation 1:7 Behold He cometh with theCLOUDS.  Matthew 24:30 and they will see the  Son of Man coming on the CLOUDS of  heaven. So again, Christians are looking up to the literalPHYSICAL COLUDS. For Jesus  second return. But  Revelation 12:5… She brought forth a male child, one who was to rule the NATIONS… (SHEPHERD THE NATIONS). Brothers, and sisters like the first coming of Jesus; this shepherd is born in the flesh. There is no way that God’s Kingdom on earth can be built with Jesus appearing in the sky. The wrong was committed on the earth, and it has to be made right  on the earth. Revelation 2:17– I will give Him a WHITE  STONE  and in that stone a NEW NAME WRITTEN. Other words, His name won’t be Jesus, but He comes on the SPIRITUAL CLOUDS OF JESUS. Jesus is in the spirit world working with Him, Rev. Sun Moon is on earth to complete the MISSION OF BRINGING HEAVEN ON EARTH. Remember I told you that if God’s mission wasn’t completed, that He would call someone else. I must add that Jesus, the second Adam became that perfect man, but like the first Adam and the first Eve, there should have been that second Eve standing with Jesus. Jesus became fruitful, but He couldn’t multiply without His Eve. This is the reason He needed to return as a bridegroom in order to find His bride. The word BRIDEGROOM means to form the standard of a family having True Love. Heaven starts with a family.  (...Part four)

written by Rev. Elma King- April 27, 12

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