communion-of-saints(Continued from Part Three)At the age of 16, the mission of this bridegroom was passed on to “Yong Myung”. Revelation 19:12 this young  man was given a new name which he alone knows or understand. We know this name now to be SUN MYUNG MOON. ( So, there was a change in His name). This goes on to say that the TITLE by which He is called means the WORD OF GOD. It was last year, July 27, 2011 after God gave me the name for  my ministry that Rev. Samuel and I would do together “The Light of Truth; that I learn the meaning of SUN MYUNG MOON’S NAME. IT MEANS: THE LIGHT OF TRUTH HAS COME TO CHRISTIANS. Other words, His name means THE WORD OF GOD. God’s purpose of creation was True Parents, and for someone to hold that TITLE,YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WHY GOD WOULD GIVE HIM; The SUN AND THE MOON!! WHEN YOU SEE THE MASS WEDDINGS, PLEASE KNOW THAT THE BRIDEGROOM HAS COME!! JESUS AND REV. MOON ARE WORKING TOGETHER TO BRING THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Isaiah 41:2 we can see that God is raising Him up from the EAST.Isaiah 46:10-11 God is saying my COUNSEL Shall STAND AND I WILL DO ALL MY PLEASURE AND PURPOSE. HE’S CALLING Him from the far EAST.Matthew 24: 27—For just as the lighting flashes  from the  EAST AND SHINES, AND IS SEEN AS FAR AS THE WEST,SO WILL BE THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN BE.

Luke 17:25 said: But first He must suffer many things, and be rejected by this generation. We are followers of  the man from the EAST, known  as Rev. Sun Moon. He came like the Sun, flying on the CLOUDS. Hebrew 12:1 . The spirit world are THOSE CLOUDS  Of  WITNESSESS   that knows who True Parents are. We are the ones on earth that are spiritually blind.  I, along with many others that follows this righteous man from the EAST, that we now call True Parents; are the FORERUNNER for TRUE PARENTS. We are today’s JOHN THE BAPTIST-GETTING READY A PEOPLE PREPARED FOR THE LORD OF THE SECOND ADVENT.WHY ARE WE TODAY’S JOHN THE BAPTIST? BECAUSE JOHN NEVER FULFILLED HIS MISSION  TO MAKE THE WAY STRAIGHT FOR JESUS. We also are CLOUDS OF WITNESSESS.  As I said, history repeats itself. We are the CLOUDS of witness for the second Advent of our Lord. As John was sent by God in the SPIRIT AND  POWER OF ELIJAH.  This was the second coming of Elijah that the Jews were waiting for. Their MISSION was the same, making the way straight for the Lord. TRUE FATHER WAS ALSO SENT by GOD IN THE SPIRIT AND POWER OF JESUS. Please know that this is the second coming of Jesus that the Christians have been waiting for. They had the same  MISSION, to bring the Kingdom on earth. Again, I must make it clear. Rev. Moon is not Jesus, but Jesus is in the spirit world working with Rev. Moon on earth to complete the same mission to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth. I want to speak the words, and make them plain. This is a spiritual pneumonia .

John the Baptist could have been the greatest. Jesus said that he was more than a prophet. Only if he had kept his mission to  be that forerunner for Jesus. Because he didn’t, the least in the kingdom was greater than john. Matthew 11:11 .We that has been called by God to be the forerunner for TRUE PARENTS, All have our stories of how we received the mission  from God to be the forerunners for our TRUE PARENTS, but many of our stories have not been written yet. We can be the greatest or the least, the choice is our. Looking back it is clear how the Jews missed Jesus the first time by looking up to a physical sky. Are we as Christians. Going to repeat history on His return? We are without excuse. NOW IS THE TIME TO BE ENGRAFTED ON TO THE TRUE OLIVE TREE, THE MESSIAH, THE SECOND ADVENT OF OUR LORD. HE HAS BEEN ON EARTH FOR 77 YEARS. THE END OF THE WORLD IS AT HAND! IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, THE ARK WAS OUR SALVATION. IN THE DAYS OF JESUS, THE GOSPEL WAS OUR SALVATION, IN THESE LAST DAYS OF TRUE PARENTS, THE GLOBAL WEDDING ON JAN.13, 2013 ,IS OUR SALVATION.  Jesus had returned like a thief in the night like He said He would, and Rev. Moon is the spiritual cloud that He comes on. So when you talk about Rev. Moon, you are talking about our Lord Jesus. So spiritually speaking, as Jesus said to the Jews 2000 years ago: John the Baptist is the Elijah that you seek; so say I to the Christians today: Rev. Moon is the Jesus that you seek. LET THOSE  WITH EYES PLEASE SEE, AND THOSE WITH EARS PLEASE HEAR!!  Brothers and sisters, please don’t look for the sky to open up before you know that Jesus is here. There will be no such miracle. With ALL the miracles that Jesus preformed, there were no one in the end that believed in Him.  Jesus said in  Matthew 12:39: An evil and adulterous generation (a generation morally un-faithful to God) seeks  and demands for signs, but no sign will be given to this generation except the sign of the prophet Jonah. Do you know what that was?  God told Jonah to go to Nineveh  and tell the people you have forty days, and Nineveh would be overthrown. When the people heard the word from the prophet Jonah, they believed in him. They REPENTED, AND FASTED AND PRAYED, FROM THE GREATEST TO THE LEAST. EVEN THE ANIMAL WERE COVERED WITH SACKCLOTH. GOD CHANGED HIS MIND ABOUT DESTORYING THEM WHEN HE SAW THEIR REPENTFUL HEARTS.  BUT WE AMERICANS ARE WORST THAN NINEVEH. THE WORDS THAT I AM SAYING YOU TODAY IS  REPENT, BECAUSE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!!! The end of the earth is January 13,2013. But you won’t  REPENT, YOU WON’T FAST AND PRAY AND SEEK GOD FOR ANSWERS. YOU WON’T COME TO THE OSDP WORKSHOPS TO PREPARE FOR THE WEDDING. You have your eyes fixed to the physical clouds while the MESSIAH WALKS AMONG US TODAY. THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN DOES NOT COME WITH VISIBLE SIGNS TO BE OBSERVED, SIGNS THAT YOUR PHYSICAL EYES CAN SEE, BUT YOUR SPIRIT WILL KNOW THAT THESE ARE THE DAYS BEFORE THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD. Bro. and sis, this is Elma King, brining God’s  new truth to you today, May God’s amazing grace be with you as you go fine that new wine of Jesus.

Written by Elma King April 27, 2012

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