Jesus in wheat fieldBrother and sisters,

(…Continued from Part One) Jesus made plain, the parable of the weed to His disciples:  Matt. 13:24-30. The Kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seeds in the field. Plain: The one who sowed good seeds is the Son of God. The field is the world. Good seeds, stands for the people of the Kingdom. Parable:But while everyone was sleeping His enemy came, and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away. Plain:  the weeds are the people of the evil one, and the enemy who sowed the seeds is the devil. Please know this so you don’t fall off a cliff. Parable: When the wheat spouted and formed heads, the weeds also appeared. Plain:  So the servant came and said to God’s Son, sir didn’t you sow good seeds in the field?  Where then, did the weeds come from? God’s Son said – it was the enemy who did this. The servant wanted to know, if he should pull up the weeds that was also growing with the wheat. Should I get rid of these evil people that are also growing with the wheat? Should I get rid of the evil people that are also growing in the world with the people of God’s kingdom? God Son said NO. While you are pulling the weeds, trying to get rid of the people of the devil, you may also pull up some wheat, the people of God’s kingdom. So leave them alone, and let them ALL grow together until the end of the world. Because it is at this time that I, the Son of God, will tell…

Parable: the harvesters. Plain: At the end of the world, where we are living today, I will tell the angles to go first, and collect the weeds, the evil people of Satan. Oh, what did you say Son of God?  He said that He would tell the angle to collect the evil people first, tie them up in bundles to be burned. They will be burned with the rest of the angles who left their proper dwelling  place and committed these  sinful acts; unnatural lust. How will they burn these evil people? They will be burned up with the fire of God’s word. Hell is a deep sense of regret. That you failed to listen to God’s word. God will not destroy the earth, because the earth haven not sinned against Him. It is the stubborn people that continue to go down the road of destruction, even with all of His efforts to bring them salvation. God will visit the very heart of men. Have you ever thought about the time of Noah and the flood judgment? The people where drowned in the water, and taken away. The evil people are the ones to be taken away first. Please know that God has hunters in the sea. God spared the sea in the flood judgment, and His hunters like the alligators, and the Anacondas emerged from the waters and devoured everything that was on land. They cleaned up the earth for God. So when the water receded, everyone could come out on the land that was free of bodies.

Now, the Son of God, said to the angles, gather the wheat, the people that are living in the kingdom of God, and bring them into my barn. God’s Heavenly barn; It is the kingdom of God on earth. Then, God’s people will be able to increase God’s kingdom on earth in peace. They are the ones that are left behind to spread God’s meat in due season. You see so many religious people hitting the panic button, because so many evil people are coming out now. The weeds are now everywhere, one may be led to think that they will choke the wheat right out of existence.  So you see people running trying to pull them up. They don’t know what God’s word said to do. He said to leave them ALONE !! Brothers and sisters, I tell you to put your energy into loving your family where heaven starts. Learn how to love your family, and learn how to love your enemy, because all you owe the enemy is your love. With love, you can change the enemy into a friend. With love, you can make the weeds want to change into wheat. Do you understand  that ?  Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things will be added to you.

Brothers and sisters, you will have to learn this truth, it’s the only way that you can truly be set free.  Take time to learn, so you don’t miss the most important time in all of the world’s history. It’s time that we all be weaned off the milk, and taken from the breast. God will call you in the flesh, while you are still on MILK and a transformation takes place on the MEAT. Then, He will choose you in the spirit. We are spiritual beings, and this is the only way we can know God’s ways. He does not want us in darkness.

10)“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant,  nor his female servant, nor his oxnor his donkey   , nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

July 11, 2015

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