Dear  Brothers and sisters,

marriage blessing Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han MoonFrom the fall of man, which happen through our blood lineage, God has been trying to separate good from evil. We must know that we have two blood lineages on the earth. The blood lineage of Satan that all humanity is born caring, it deep into their bone marrow, and the blood lineage of God that Jesus was born into. What has pained God’s heart most, and caused Him the deepest pain was when He lost His blood lineage that was to be the bridge connecting His children to Him for all eternity. Jesus clearly told us who our father is. He said that we are of our father the Devil. It was the blood linage that Satan used to take all humanity, to hell. It pains me so much to see that Satan still has many of us fooled even to this very day. We rather believe that the fall was due to something that we put into our mouth, rather than the misuse of our love palace. We find it much easier to believe that the Serpent could be a snake, rather than the fallen angle that he is. Due to the sin that man introduced into the world through the misuse of love, we were all born in a midway position, and on the brink of death. We are born with both good and evil, and both are trying to win us over to their side. So this is the reason that you read so many attempts that God has made in order to separate good from evil. God created us to be like Him, all good. I will give you some examples of how God has been working in the backgrounds of history in order to separate the good from evil.  After the fall, God separated,   Adam into Cain and Able. We all know that Cain killed his brother Able, and this was the first murder in the history of mankind. Then there was the 40 days of flood judgment. God wanted to get rid of all of the evil in the world, and start with a Godly family. When God was looking at  the  world He saw how degenerate, debased, and vicious human beings were. For all humanity had corrupted their way upon the earth, and lost their true direction. God said He would destroy man. It wasn’t what went into the mouth of man that destroyed him, but what came out of man’s mouth. Man’s heart was filled with evil and violence. After the flood, Ham covered his father’s nakedness.  He felt ashamed of his father. This feeling of being naked and ashamed was a repeat of Adam and Eve in the Garden after they fell away from God. We must know that before Adam and Eve sinned, they were both naked, and not embarrassed or ashamed of each other’s presence. Another example of how God has worked to separate good from evil, is when He told Abraham to cut three offering in half. He told him to cut the Heifer, the Ram and the Dove. However, Abraham did not cut the Dove in half. Satan claimed all of the offering. For this error, Abraham had to suffer for 400 years  of slavery in Egypt.  I could go on with Jacob and Esau, and so many other ways that God has been working hard for us to separate the good from the evil, but you must be getting the picture by this time. God has worked to bring His ideal couple upon the earth, and blessed them in His Holy order of love. They would have enjoyed God’s three great blessing, and all of their children would have been born into this Holy order of love creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. God’s Ideal family has never been manifested on earth. So God continue to work tireless to bring about this separation of good from evil.

Just think how long God has been in pain seeing what happen after the fall of Man. Homosexuals  have been around for six thousand years. One third of the angles fell with Lucifer from heaven. They left their proper dwelling place .The angles are males, and they had sex with each other. (Jude 6:7) There is nothing man can do to stop it. It is at the very ROOT of sin; original sin. The Messiah at the second coming is given the power by God to remove this kind of sin. This is a spiritual war.  It started with one angle, and one third of them fell, following Lucifer.  They engaged in unnatural lust with each other, and even animal. Man can’t control what people do in their bedrooms, but God can. This is a job for God and God alone. He has told us to leave them alone, and let them GROW TOGETHER with God’s people, and He will separate them at the end of time.  The end of time is now. All God ask us to do is to love them; even more than our own children. God set the standard when He gave His only Begotten Jesus for a world that was the enemies to God.  For God so Love the world. That He gave His only Begotten Son… God is happy that He can finally bring an end to this mess. It’s later than we think. God promised us: Blessing and curses. Blessings if we obey ; curses if we don’t obey. It’s time for ALL Christians to come into God’s blessing to receive the peace, joy, happiness, and prosperity that we all have been searching for.  These wonderful blessings have been hidden from our eyes.  Luke 19:42. Brothers and sisters, we are talking eternal blessing, where we can be with all of our families forever, not till death do we part. God is eternal, we must be like Him. Have you ever thought of how painful it would be to spend 30, 40 or 50 plus years on earth with your family that you love only to die and live without them for all eternality? This was never God’s plan. Adam and Eve didn’t grow up to be fruitful (which is spiritual matured, perfect), so they never were able to receive God’s three Great Blessings. Because they couldn’t receive them, we, also couldn’t receive them. However, the blessing are now available to ALL males and females COUPLES; male and female, He created them to resemble Him. The blessing use to be FREE, however, it is far from that at this time. In Oct., we will hold another Blessing in the USA. We pray you will be in it. The separations of marriage and blessing  now has clearly been defined by God. Those of you with eyes please see;  It is an “Amazing   Grace”. Moment for God .

Written by Rev. Elma King      July 11, 2015

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