Part one

God, our Heavenly Parents, is a mathematical Being. He is the True Parents of the number Three.   The number Three represents God and Completion. When the countless heavenly bodies carry on give and take action with each other, they form one body, and thereby give structure to the universe. The universe exists in  Three- dimensions as governed by the same principle, its element engage in the spherical moments.   Due to varied angles of their orbits and rotations, the solar system exhibits a spherical motion in Three dimensions . Likewise, ALL Heavenly bodies exist in – Three – dimensions   by virtue of their circular and spherical movements. God entire work of creation took place in Three- stages: The separation of light from darkness, which was morning, noon and night. In the nature world, many things appeared in Threes. Three Kingdom:   Mineral, Plants, and Animal. Matter- Three States:  gas, liquid and solid. Most plants have, Three- parts: Root, branch and stems/or leaves. Animals: the head, the body and the limbs.  The THREE FUNCTIONS OF THE MIND:  emotion, intellect ,and will. To give light upon the earth, God made two great lights, the Sun and moon, and also the stars, Three- lights.  When God had finished the creation in the universe, God blessed the earth with  THREE GREAT BLESSINGS:  Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the  waters In the seas, and let the fowls multiply in the earth. Their seeds would yield fruits according to their own kind.  The foundation for God’s creation is: ORIGIN-DIVISION- UNION / ACTION.  To make it plain:  God, the origin of everything is at the CENTER, the division, is Male and Female, plus, and  minus, positive and negative.  Union action- is when they come together in God’s love they would produce fruits of like-kinds. Everything was created in God’s HOLY ORDER OF LOVE, to have a connection with Him in the Center, and  to yield prefect  fruits  for all eternity.  After God created the universe, God’s children were the LAST of His creation. The three stages of life in the womb:  we have a water stage, an air stage, and a love stage. So God gave the FIRST Adam and EVE His Three Great Blessings: Be fruitful, multiply, and take dominion. Genesis 1:28. Its meaning is the perfection of a human being’s dominion over the natural world.  Human beings were created to be perfected beings, qualified to rule over the earth as owners of the creation. We were meant to care for all the creatures with true love. So the Kingdom of Heaven resembles a person who has achieved individual perfection, taking after God’s original internal nature and external form. All created beings conceived in the likeness of God, manifest their existence, movement, and growth through a growth of Three Stages.  For any entity to fulfill the purpose of creation it must first go through Three Stages: Origin – division-union action. In order for something to stand firm, it must be supported by at least Three Points.  Human beings fell without completing the Three Stages of the growing period. God had created everything in the universe before He created us. So everything in the universe reach perfection after growing through a growing period ( the realm of indirection dominion) by virtue autonomy and governance given by God’s principle. However, human beings are created in special way by as beings  (GIVEN FREE WILL)  so  that their growth  requires the fulfillment  of their own portion of responsibility, in addition to  the guidance provided by the principle. Human beings must exercise this responsibility in order to pass successfully through the growing period and reach perfection (Spiritual  maturity,  fully grown, complete, walking in God’s statute, the content of our character, uniting mind and body in order to build a parent-child relationship with God. God gave our first ancestors, Adam and Eve a commandment which was His word, not to eat of the fruit. Other words, God told them not to fall into  the misuse of love, into fornication. Whether  Adam and Eve went through the  Three Stages of the growing periods to reach perfection, did not depends only on God’s power of creation , but required human being’s  own portion of responsibility. God has placed the universe within each human being, but before we can take dominion over the earth, we must first go through the Three Stages of growth. When we fulfill our own portion of responsibility, we can inherit the creative nature of God, and participate in His Great Work of Creation. God wants us to earn ownership and become worthy to rule over the creation in our own rights, just as He governs over them. Until we fulfill our own portion of responsibility, and realize our purpose in life, God does NOT interfere.

The Three Ordered Stages of Growth:

The formation, growth, and completion stage; Adam and Eve fell at the top of the growth stage. They lost the number Three, and therefore we lost God. Three is the number of heaven, and four is the number of Earth. Every creation becomes the perfect embodiment of the number seven, which is the sum of Heaven and Earth. If Adam and Eve would have   completed the growth- stage , they would have been one with God, the FALL would have never happen, and we ALL would be enjoying the Kingdom of God on Earth right now. This is why in the Bible you see so many times where God has worked in order to reclaim the  Number Three.  God’s entire work of creation, took place in three stages: The old, the new, and the completed Testament age. Since man failed to go through the THREE GROWING PERIODS, THE Bible is God’s word for RESTORING MAN BACK TO HIM. We will not be completed until we become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect.  We must know that the Fall was a change of Blood linage. We kicked God, our creator OUT of the CENTER, AND BROUGHT IN SATAN AS OUR CENTER. This is how we became children of Satan rather than God. Satan,  is the Father who have led us to destruction, NOT God. When the providence of restoration is prolonged, it may extend to as many as Three Stages. On the basic of the principle of creation, up to Three attempts are allowed. I will share with you many examples of how God has been working to restore the Number – Three.  We are the only creation of God that is OUT OF ORDER. We disobeyed God!! We have Three Growth of perfection:  Form spirit, life spirit, and Divine spirit. Matthew 4:1, the three resurrection stages: servant, adopted child, and Sons, and Daughters of God. THREE PERIODS of AGES BY KNOWLEDGE:  The law, THE Gospel, and the new truth. The  Three period of ages: The ages of justification by keeping the law, the age of justification by keeping faith, and the age of attendance( loving God with all of your heart , mind, and soul). The THREE RESPONSIBILITIES:  God’s responsibility, (95%) Jesus,   the Holy Spirit  responsibility, and the believer’s responsibility. ( 5%)  The Three archangels: Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael.   Adam’s THREE – SONS:  Cain , Abel, and Seth. Gen. 4:1- 5:3-4. Noah’s Three Sons: Shem, Ham, and Jepheth. Gen.6:10. The Three Decks on Noah’s Ark:  Lower, second and third.   The THREE GREAT GIFTS OF MOSES:  the tablet of stone, the Tabernacle, and the ARK OF THE Covenant.  The Three days of darkness in Egypt, at the time of Moses. Exodus 10:21.When in Adam’s family, Cain and Abel failed to make the substantial offering, you can see that the dispensation was repeated in the family of Noah, and Abraham, and fulfilled on the Third attempt.  

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Elma King  8-24-15


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