Three Great Blessings

Continued from Part One

When Abraham made his mistake in the symbolic offering, the dispensation was prolonged through Isaac, and fulfilled by Jacob.

The course to restore Canaan under the leadership of Moses, and Jesus each were extended to Three -courses.

When Jacob embarked upon the course to restore Canaan, there was a Three  day period when he cut off ties with Satan by deceiving Laban and leaving Haran. (Gen 31:22)

The Israelites, under Moses  leadership had to pass through a  Three day course.

The Israelites under Joshua’s leadership had to pass through a Three day course before they could cross the Jordon River.

Moses asked for a Three –day leave with intension to deceive  the Pharaoh, and lead the people out of Egypt altogether.(Exodus 5:3).

The Three offerings of Abraham represented all of the conditions which Adam and Noah could not fulfill, as well as those which Abraham had to fulfill as a central figure.

Abraham’s Three-  day journey to Mt. Moriah that he needed in order to  sever his ties to Satan before he could offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice.  Now you know why his indemnity was so severe.

When King Saul failed to build the temple, this dispensation was prolonged with two more Kings:  King David, and King  Solomon.

God’s ideal of creation which was not realized with the first Adam had awaited a SECOND ADAM, JESUS CHRIST.  Jesus began His spiritual course of restoration after passing through a period of Three -day of separation from Satan before His victorious resurrection.

The WISEMEN: Matthew 2:1-12 The Three GIFTS OF JESUS:   Gold, .Frankincense, and Myrrh.  Jesus’, Three Years of Ministry.  Jesus’, Three Major Disciples: Peter , James, and John.  Matthew 26:36.  Jesus’ THREE MAJOR TEMPATIONS: Command these stones to be made bread, throw Himself down from the Holy City, and the Kingdoms were offered to Jesus by Satan. THE THREE -PRAYERS of  JESUS IN THE GARDEN of GETHSEMANE. Matthew 26:38-45.The THREE -TIMES that PETER DEDINED JESUS.  Matthew 26:69-75. The THREE TIMES THE Disciples fell asleep: Matthew 26:38-45. The THREE – CONFIRMATIONS  of  Peter:  John 2 :15-17. The THREE HOURS of Darkness: They were the hours of God deepest sorrow. Matthew 27:45. The THREE DAYS THAT JESUS’ Tomb were guarded: Matthew 27:64. The THREE DAYS THAT JESUS WENT TO HELL. Luke 24:46. Jesus established the Heavenly standard by keeping His integrity even in Hell, setting the standard by being able to manage Hell too.

My Brothers, and Sisters, God created us to be co-creators of the ideal world. However, we have to earn ownership in order to be worthy. We all must know that there is a WAR that we inherited from the Fall of man. In the fall Satan took the body of mankind into Hell. Satan is standing in the wrong position as a PLUS+, and the mind is standing in the right position as a PLUS. These two ++ positions are fighting trying to win us, so the good and evil within us goes on. God is fighting to reclaim us, and Satan is fighting to keep us. Our work is to correct this DISORDER. This is our responsibility, but how do we do it?  We have to train our body to follow the mind, instead of trying to lead it. We train the body by doing the things that it hates to do like :  Praying, loving our enemy, fasting, being humble, living for the sake of others, washing your robe so that you can prepare to meet the Messiah without a  spot of wrinkle. You will know when the body has taken its rightful position as a minus (-), when the War inside you ceases. Then  the spiritual mind that is not centered on SELF  can lead the body. This is where harmony starts, and this is where you can connect with God. Separating ourselves from sin is our responsibility . God did not create us to be both good and evil. He created us in His own image and likeness.

Jesus, not able to bring the kingdom of Heaven on Earth, spoke of His return, after He was rejected by the chosen people. Original Sin, is the sin that happen in the fall of man. It is at  the very ROOT of SIN. Only the Messiah has the power to rid us of such sin. So the Third Adam: who comes as True Parents can take away the sin at its ROOT.  This is Christ at the  SECOND ADVENT.  This is the COMPLETION,   and there will be no other Messiah, and no other True Parents after them. He comes to reconnect us back to God through the Blessings. Through the blessing, God can reclaim us back from Satan. God wants to be a part of our daily lives like never before. We now have arrived at the Completed Testament age: This is an age where children are the kind who serve and prepare a place where True Parents will come and visit, This is a time of the process of advancement toward a new world which is without Satan’s accusations. It’s an ideal world centered on parental love, and the family. It’s a time when we can achieve the COMPLETED PROMISE of God, “THE THREE GREAT BLESSINGS”. It’s a time for the accomplishment of our individual portion of our responsibility. We have gone through searching for a nation, searching for children, and now, we are searching for parents. This is a time of the resurrection of Heaven, the God of the number THREE. This is a time when we all can be restored and become ONE WITH OUR Heavenly Parents in a life of service and support.  We will lead the world with a race of people known as the LOVE RACE. We must know that all religions were made necessary as a repair shop to restore us back to God. The messiah became necessary in an effort to lead us back to God. When we reconnect back to the origin- division- union action, we will again have God at the CENTER OF OUR LIVES. Man and women will become ONE with each other based on true love VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL AXIS. The fruits of their love, the children will align themselves automatically with their Parent’s love creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in the family.  This is called the four position foundation, a foundation that True Families are built on. My brothers, and sisters   the family is what God created, and we are the church. It is in the family where you will find Heaven on Earth, no other place.

It is time when you all will come into the blessing that connects us back to God; this is the only way to resolve God’s grief. PLEASE COME TO THE BLESSING! Everything has been completed, you need to come in and receive God’s Promise to you before the foundation of the world. WHEN THERE IS BLESSING AND PEACE IN FAMILIES, THERE WILL BE PEACE IN THE NATIONS, AND THE WORLD.

Elma King, trying to reach your heart. August 24, 2015

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