There-are-those-21In the middle of writing my message for our radio ministry “The Light of Truth”, I was taken in another direction to a deeper study of Abraham and Sarah. After spending two days in reading I started to remember how God has spoken verbally to many of the prophets and people in the old and new Testament. I asked Him why weren’t He speaking to me verbally. My question became a very intense prayer, as I cried and asked God; what is wrong with me that He doesn’t speak to me this way?  Search me, and help me fix whatever it is!  I need you to talk to me! God said nothing, and I finally left the prayer room in tears.

The next morning in the prayer room I am usually jumping off the walls in songs and praise to True Heavenly Parents, but this morning  of May 1,2013 my spirit is very low, and I feel alone and forgotten. During prayer time I reminded True Heavenly Parents of what I talked to Him about the night before. I said maybe you will never speak verbally to me. When my prayer was finished, I set up on the sofa. Then a non-verbal message came through strong and long. Without a doubt, I knew that it was Him. I said, Heavenly Father what is it! What are to trying to tell me?  So you know it’s me that’s talking to you. I answered back in my spirit; this is how you always talk to me. Then this is my signature for you. Tears came down as I laughed out loud.

I will no longer question the way He speaks to me; I am just glad that He speaks at all. True Heavenly Parents, you made me laugh.

Written by- Rev. Elma King  May 1,2013

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