(Part 1) Ecclesiastes 3:10-11-Christ does things unknown to the enemy. John 15: 18-19. The world hates God’s people. God said come out of the world. It is only when you come out of the world, that God will transform you. So in the Bible you will look and never see, you will read all you want to, but you will never understand what you’ve read. Brothers and Sisters please know that God is visiting you today!!  Are you ready to eat meat? Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of heaven on the earth. His words, from the time He began to preach, His words were, “REPENT”, which meant – change your mind for the better. Turn from your evil ways, because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Matthew 4:17, Matt. 10:7, Mark1:15, Luke 10:9.  Mark 12:34. Due to the rejections of the people, He said my Kingdom is not of this world. Everybody ran away from Jesus, even all of His disciples who He had taught every day. The Bible said they ALL RAN AWAY. Matthew 26:56.

Jesus said in John18:36- My Kingdom is not of this world, because if it were of this world, my followers would have been fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. But as it is, my Kingdom is not of this world, it has no such origin, or source. So Jesus left this physical world with so many things in His heart that He couldn’t share with the world. John 16:12, He said I’ve got many things to tell you, but you can’t bear them/ you can’t understand them now. He continued to feed the people on MILK. They were ALL babes. Hebrew 5:13– for everyone who continue to feed on milk is obviously inexperienced, and unskilled in the doctrine of righteousness. He is a mere infant, not able to talk yet!! 1 Corinthians 3:1-3  Jesus said, I could not talk to you as spiritual men, but non-spiritual men of the flesh, in whom the carnal nature as a mere infant in the new life. Second verse: I fed you with milk; not solid food, for you were not strong enough to be ready for it; but even yet, you  are still not ready for it…. You are still un-spiritual, having the nature of the FLESH. Jesus shared this truth with His disciples, but they had to bind it up and not tell anyone until such times as these. Jesus was not able to bring the Kingdom of Heaven with the MEAT that He had been given by God. The Kingdom that Jesus talked about was then moves to another place, with another people and for another time. Jesus knew God’s will to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. And   Jesus prayer was in the Garden to God – “not my will, but your will”. Jesus spoke of His return, and He went to Paradise. Luke 23:43 Jesus told the thief on the right of Him on the cross “today, you shall be with me in Paradise”.  Paradise is of oriental origin. Eden is a place for future happiness. The people are Asians people; the place in Korea. Korea is a place that God chose to fulfill His will, and it has been prepared by God.

God said, my counsel will stand, and I will do ALL my pleasures and purpose. Isaiah 46:11 calling the ravenous bird from the East, the man who executes my counsel from a far country/ yes God said, I have spoken it, and I will bring it to pass; I have purpose it and I will do it.

This Bird was Rev Moon. Rev. 12:5-6:  And she brought forth a male child, one who is to rule all nations.  Just like Jesus, many people knew of His birth before He was born.Rev.2:17… I will give Him a white stone with a new name engraved on the stone which no one knows or understands except He who receives it.  These are words of the SON OF MAN. After many years, we have come to know the meaning of this NEW NAME, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Its meaning is that the Light of Truth has come to Christians. Rev. 2:12– and I will write on Him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God; the New Jerusalem. This New Jerusalem is America, the Elder Son Nation.

Rev Moon met Jesus on a mountain top one Easter Sunday morning when He was 16 year old. On that Easter Sunday morning Jesus revealed to Him that it was time to finish the work of establishing peace on earth through creating God-centered families. During the next several years, God reveal to Rev. Moon His original purpose of creation, and the circumstances surrounding the fall of humanity. Many secrets of the Bible were revealed during this time period. Rev. Moon came to inherit the true love of God, and to appreciate the important of establishing the “ TRUE FAMILIES”, meaning families that practice TRUE LOVE, and are directly connected to God; our Heavenly Parents.

So the many things that Jesus wanted to share in His heart were finally revealed to Rev. Moon. Jesus told the world that He would speak to them in parables in symbols, but a time would come that He would no longer speak to them in parables and symbols, but would speak plainly of the father. John16:25. This is the MEAT that Jesus was talking about in John 4:32 when He said, I have food to eat in which you nothing of, and have no idea. The food is what Jesus talked about in John 4:34. My MEAT Jesus said is to do the will of Him that sent me, and to accomplished, and completely finish His work. So you see MEAT means to do God’s will, and to finish the work that God sent Jesus here on earth to do. Remember that I told you that the people in Jesus’ time couldn’t understand the MEAT that it took to bring the Kingdom on the earth, so Jesus was only able to give them MILK. So now you should have a better understanding of how the Bible was written for babe in Christ. We all lives in the fallen flesh pattern, but God wants us to use His original pattern, which is spiritual. Flesh is canal, and it leads to death. Our spirit is life. We all needs spiritual understandings,  and this is the only way you can really know that God is (spirit and truth).Once you tune into your spiritual understanding, you will know this truth.

Where do we look for the SON OF MAN return? Matthew 24:23-27 for as the lighting comes from the EAST and shines as far as the west, so will the coming of the SON OF MAN. Isaiah 43:5 God said I will bring your offspring from the EAST. Rev. Moon came to AMERICA to Jesus’ people, Christianity, to bring us the Kingdom of Heaven in the Meat that Jesus had given Him to share with us. Luke 17:20 tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is not coming with SIGNS to be observed.  All the miracles that Jesus preformed while He was on the earth did not bring anybody to God. John 12:37. Even though He had done so many miracles right before their very eyes, yet they didn’t trust or believe in Him. So the only sign that this evil generation will get this time is the word of God. Jesus said in Matthew 12:39, an evil and adulterous generation seeks and demands a SIGN, but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. Also Matthew 16:4. Rev.13:13 is how Satan will fool the Earthly people that are waiting for SIGNS.

Isaiah 28:9- to whom will He teach knowledge, and whom will He make to understand the message. Those who are babes just weaned from the MILK and taken from the breasts. Brothers and sisters, this is our MEAT in due season. Luke 12:42 who then are that faithful steward, the Wise men  whom the Master will set over those in His household service to supply them with their allowance of MEAT (food at the appointed time). Right now is the time for your season. True Parents comes to complete the work that Jesus started in helping to lay the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven. So now let us receive NOT the spirit of the world, but the spirit of God. God prepared the Kingdom for us before the foundation of the world, so let us walk boldly in to receive it. Matthew 25:34- The Kingdom is just a metaphor for FAMILY. Making it plain, the Kingdom means family. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth starts with family. So True Parents who are God’s ideal from the time of creation, are sent from God to bring us this Breaking News .  I tell you that the very family that God sent us to on this earth is called a school. This is the school where we will receive our training of the heart. In fact, this family prepares your heart to love. In your family, you learn how to love your parents your grandparents, your sisters and brothers, your aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins and so forth. In this family school, you need to learn well, just as you would if you were attending a public school. In the public school, they test you to see how well you have understood what had been taught. You finally graduate, and go out to apply for a job in this world that will support you and your family, hopefully, the rest of your earthly life. In the family school however, your tests starts when you leave the family home, and go out into the world. This is where you start to practice what you have been taught at home.  You are given the most important grades by God Himself. God wants us to display the highest level of love, a PHD in Love. How you treat other people in the world reflects on how well you have learned to love your family at home in your family school. Can you treat other parents that you see on the streets as your own parents? Can you love your sisters and brothers in the world as your own sisters and brothers? What about an old man, or an old women on the streets? Can you respect them as you would your own grandparents?

If you look at the world as though the people out in the world has nothing to do with you, You would have wasted much time in the family school of love that God sent you to on the earth. So if you continue on this road until the day you find yourself in the spirit world (BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME), how can you face the God of love?

Your acquired knowledge won’t help you. Your money won’t help you, and neither will your power. All these things are ok on earth, but in the spirit world they amount to nothing in front of the God of LOVE. You would have wasted 70, 80 or 90 years plus on earth, and returned back home to God empty. Your physical body is given as a soil in which to grow your spirit inside. It is given to grow your heart of love, by living for the sake of others. We don’t understand how valuable our physical body is here on earth. The Second coming of Christ, the True Parents, and Messiah for all mankind has come to teach us how to live in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. So when you pass into the spirit world, it is just a rebirth into a place llike the one you have already been living on earth, just thousands of time better. What is bound on earth is bound in Heaven. You have to register for the Kingdom right here on earth. You have to make sure that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life while you are right here on earth.  So “FOUNDATION – Day  Anniversaries”, from now on is where you register you and your family in that Lamb’s Book of Life. You are being recorded into the Royal Family of God right here on earth. This is not something that happens up in the sky. My husband and I have looked at the HEAVENLY SEAL and we have read the new Constitution in our prayer room that the whole world will one day follow. This is God’s Heavenly Law. Why does the world insist on the old ways of their grandparents when it comes to religion? We don’t want to go to a spring, and wash our clothes, we don’t want to use an ice box for our food any longer, and we don’t want to take a horse and wagon down town. But we love the comfort of where science has taken us, and we welcome these changes. Yet, we insist on staying in the dark ages with what our parents did when it comes to religion. Science has left us in the DARKNESS. The truth, my brothers and sisters has to make sense!!

The Bible warns us, when God said: as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the SON of Man. He knows that what is now has already been, and what we are seeing now is that history is being repeated. We can learn a lot if we study history. Like the days of Noah and Jesus, people were trying to hold on to yesteryears, when God is trying so hard to tell us that He created us to be far more than what we are right now. God wants us to resemble Him in His own likeness (perfection). We are fearful and wonderfully made. He’s raising us to be the Kings and Queens (the Royal Family) that He created us to be. 1st Peter 2:9- You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, God’s own purchased, special people that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfection of Him who called you out of the darkness into the marvelous light.

Brothers and sisters, I beg you to please get off the MILK.  It’s time to be weaned from the breasts.  It is the MEAT that Jesus gave to True Parents that will usher us into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

God gave the MEAT to Jesus, and Jesus has given all that the Father has given Him to Rev. Moon, who we now know as True Parents.

In the beginning when our first ancestors Adam and Eve (two people) disobeyed God, and caused the fall that separated us from God through His blood lineage, they ushered Hell into the world. Without a doubt we can see Hell everywhere we look on earth. We all know that this is a kingdom of HELL. In the last days God has sent two people, the third Adam and Eve that we call True Parents. They bring God’s new blood lineage that will reconnect us back to Him. We will find it in God’s “Promise” to us. Dr. Martin Luther King saw his promise Land, where we are judge according to our character, not our skin color. God does not see His children this way.  This promise of God is filled with ALL of His Blessings, and it is found in the HOLY WEDDINGS.  So when you see thousands and millions of BRIDES, please know that the BRIDEGROOM HAS COME!! We all must REPENT, and follow the ones He has sent. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth has now started in the family, and we are increasing it every day, one family at a time like a mustard seed. Soon, everywhere you look, without a doubt you will see the Kingdom of heaven on Earth. In the family is where we will build a kingdom of either Heaven or Hell. Let us strive to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  Let us obey God this time. I think we have all had enough of Hell. Brothers, and sisters let US do this!!

The gates are open wide. There is only ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD. If you are not with God your True Father, then you are with Satan your False Father. The choice is yours, life of death. But God wants you to choose life, because He is a God of the living – not the dead!!Now that we have become adults, we should put away childish things.

Written by Rev. Elma King

April 20,2014

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