childishBrothers and Sisters, I am not here to tell you things that you know, but things that you don’t know. Why do I say things that you don’t know? Because I hear what you say, and I see what you do. And this is why I can make such a statement. I am Quoting the Divine Principle:  It may be displeasing to religious believers, especially to Christians, to learn that a new expression of the truth must appear. Christians believes that the scriptures that they have is perfect and flawless. Certainly, truth itself is unique, eternal, immutable and absolute.

Scriptures, however, are not the truth in itself, but are textbooks teaching the truth. They were given at various times in history as humankind developed both spiritually and intellectually. So, the dept and extent of teaching, and the method of expressing the truth naturally varied according to each age. We must never regard such textbooks as absolute in every detail. The purpose of every religion is identical. All scriptures have the same purpose: to illuminate their surroundings with the light of truth. When a brighter lamp is lit, the old lamp is outshone, and its mission fades. Jesus indicated that God would someday reveal a NEW TRUTH. In John 16:25 Jesus said- I have told you these things in parables, veiled language. Other words, these things I am sharing with you are stories, and parables telling you of the truth. He said that the hour, the time would come when I will no longer speak to you this way, (In parables, figuratively speaking) but will tell you plainly of the father.(meaning, open and clearly, no more hiding behind veiled languages. As Paul said, when the perfect comes, the imperfect will fade away.

Example: A child filled with questions, might ask you, his parents, where do babies come from, when you bring a new baby home from the hospital. You might tell him/her, they come from the hospital. Now, that is not the truth in itself, but it is a story, telling you of the truth. Please be clear on this. You told the child what you thought he/she could understand at their age. But when the child grows up, you can give them the complete and perfect truth, and then they will know, and understand. So my brothers and sisters, we are looking at the Bible, and it is crouched in symbolism and metaphors. Only the new truth can explain the secrets that are hidden in them.  Only the new truth can put the pieces of this BIG puzzle together. Then, we will be able to say: ah… now we see, and I understand!!

Christianity will stop being divided into so many different denominations, like a gig-saw puzzle, and become ONE as Jesus prayed we should be. He prayed to God, our heavenly Parents to make us one as He and the father are one. All the people as well as Jesus’ disciples were “Babes in Christ”. Jesus said, I will open my mouth in Parables, and I speak things that have been hidden from the foundation of the world. Let us ALL be clear on Jesus’ words here. God had given JesusWORDS (THE MEAT ) that could bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth while He was on earth, but He couldn’t speak them. So He spoke to the crowds around Him in parables indeed, and WITHOUT A PARABLE, HE SAID NOTHING. You must understand this. WITHOUT A PARABLE, HE SAID NOTHING TO THEM!! Matthew 13:34. One might ask, why did Jesus speak all these words in stories? It is because we are “Earthly People”, and Jesus is a “Heavenly Person”.  In John 3:12, Jesus said – I have told you things that happen right here on this earth (right before your physical eyes), and yet, none of you believe me, so how can I tell you of Heavenly things? Can you even imagine how painful this was to Jesus? Our Heavenly Parent, God, had given him words that could help bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth yet, He couldn’t speak them to the people. There was no one on the earth that He could share His heart with. No one knew Him accept the father. What loneness He had to feel. Let me explain the different between Earthy people, and Heavenly people. The Bible said that the first Adam was born from dusk, but Jesus said that He came from Heaven. Born of dusk, only mean that the first Adam was “Earthly minded”. He operated on his physical senses. Adam lost his spiritual senses in the FALL, when he separated from God. So all of us born from Adam and Eve was then, and still is today, earthly minded people. We believe in these metaphors in the Bible like: the serpent being a real snake, the fire, being a real fire, and fruit being a real fruit, things  that we can see with our physical eyes only.

          Jesus, even though we know that He was born on earth, He said that He came from heaven. Meaning: He was “heavenly minded”. So Jesus wanted to share with the people heavenly things, but the people couldn’t operate on that heavenly frequency. They had sin in them, and it stood in the way of helping them understand what Jesus was saying. They were so earthly minded that they were no heavenly good. Jesus took His disciples away from the crowd, and explained to them in plain language, what He had told the crowd in parables, secret codes, mysteries, and stories. John 16:29. His disciples said, AH NOW, you are speaking plainly. They were saying, now we know and understand what you told us when we were in the crowd. John 16:12, Jesus said- I have many things to share with you, but you can’t understand them now. The spiritual senses that were needed in order to be able to understand the heavenly Jesus were not operating. The people  were on automatic pilot, self starting, self moving and self propelling.  They operated only in the flesh body. You could say, God had left the building. God could no longer operate in a sinful temple. Jesus was NOT able to share His heart during His whole life on earth with the crowd. He came to the earth with MEAT, BUT WAS ONLY ABLE TO FEED THE PEOPLE MILK.

How could He begin to teach people in kindle garden, the college materials work. So he took the disciples that God had given Him, and He shared as much of the Meat as He could with them. Then He told the disciple to shut their mouths. Isaiah 8:16. Bind up the testimony, seal the law and teaching among Jesus’ disciples. Jesus told the disciples that the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven had been given to them, not to the crowd of people. Why wasn’t this truth made plain for everybody? These people were far from being humble. Clearly, they were Jesus’ enemies, because they tried to  kill Jesus every chance they got. So Jesus kept things from the enemy. We didn’t know that we were all born children of the devil, and enemies of God. Look back in history, you can see what the world did to God’s people; they stoned and killed them.  Continue to Part 2

Rev. Elma King (For Radio Broadcast)

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