peacepalaceBrothers and sisters of America,
We are all familiar with the phase “go to hell”. However, it is hard for us to go to a place if we are already there. Look around, what do you see? We see signs of decay and confusion all around us. There are wars, and rumors of wars, bloodshed and misery. Our prisons are busting at the seams, children are scared by physical and sexual abuse, young dreams are destroyed by unwanted pregnancy, we can see many neighborhoods are under siege by random violence, immorality, and decadence are spreading over the world.  (Please Make a Donation To Peace Palace)

Many families are crumbing under the influence of soaring divorce rates. We see the increase of self indulgence among youth. We must know that all of these things that we see today are seeds of hell planted on the earth thousands of years ago by our family, the first ancestors. These seeds have now come to harvest. There is no doubt about it that we are living in Hell!! If one family could cause so much misery in the world, just think about what 7.5 billion people living on the earth right now could do to change this miserable history. America, the opportunity to change the world has come to our shores. It is the building of the International Peace Education Center, a place where we educate the family, society, nation and the world about what it takes to make PEACE. Not the Peace that the world talks of, that is forever changing, but the EVERLASTING PEACE that Jesus left with His disciples. John 14:27.  (Please Make a Donation To Peace Palace)

America, we have the ability to change the world by making a heartfelt donation to help build a world based on moral laws and the principles of the universe. We need to make our families whole and sound in accordance with the heavenly way of life. Please don’t miss the GRAND opportunity to make our nation righteous and strong again. God’s name is on All of our money. He trusts us with it. So let’s use some of God’s money for Him!
Sincerely yours,
Revs. Jeddie and Elma King

(Please Make a Donation To Peace Palace)

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