Noel-coypel-the-resurrection-of-christ-1700Resurrection (part three) 9/12/2011  (part two is here)

We came to cast a fire on the earth, and we can see that the flames are already burning high. I am talking about some things that I have never talked about before, but nevertheless, they are so important in these last days. As we break down these parables and symbols in the Bible with Jesus’ new wineskins, you will hear the cracking of the old wineskins. Many will simply like the old wineskins much better. This truth has to be known. Our God is unique , unchanging, and eternal. It is man that will change or die in his sins. There is a lot of things being said out there, and many don’t know where to turn. You need to turn to God for answers. He is closer than you think. We are in Revelation my friend, where a New Heaven and a new earth are being built right before our eyes. We are living in a time where God Himself has come down to dwell with man. We are living in God’s direct dominion, and He is making Himself know to you like you never thought possible. God will, will be done on earth. It doesn’t matter how many people come up against this plain truth, it will stand when everything else falls apart. We send these letters out to you monthly, and it is a financial sacrifice to us. However, we are honoring God to feed His sheep. This truth is not by no means, forced on you. If at any time you feel that your wineskins are starting to crack from this new truth, please just kindly give us a call to ask us to remove your names from our mailing list. I say this because God has prepared many people to be ready to receive this truth, and we don’t want to waste our time or your time. Now having said that, let us reflect on some of the new things we have learned:

Resurrection, is not our decomposed dead bodies coming out of the graves, but a spiritual resurrection; coming back to God who is the source of life. Until we come back to God, we have the name of being alive, but we are dead. Dead people walking. Revelation 3:1.

Clouds, we should know that Jesus will never come on a literal cloud. The devout Christians are the clouds that Jesus comes on. I tell you that He’s already here. We learned that trees are people. We know that it wasn’t an apple that caused the fall, but  a misuse of love(a sexual sin). Why are we trying so hard to get you to understand God’s word? It is because we need to work for the Messiah He is on the earth. We must know that we all have a responsibility to God in order to finish the work of creation. It’s God and us. When Jesus died on the cross, there were about 3,000 people that believed that He was the Son of God. God needed them to believe in Jesus while He was on the earth. Likewise, God needs people to believe in Him while True Parents are on the earth, not when He ascends to the throne.  Because God needs people  to WORK to build the Kingdom on earth with TRUE Parents. Do you really think all God wants you to do is sit and wait? Your reward comes from the WORK that you have done in your body, be it good or bad. So work while the light is on the earth. Believe in the one He has sent!!  Act 2:17—And I will pour out my spirit upon ALL FLESH… God  will  become very real in ALL of our lives. The spirit world that is in the subject position, already know who True Parents are. Jesus as well as the spirit world will be the ones who will lead us to True Parents. Many of you are having dreams and visions without knowing what it is all about. Let me make this simple by giving you an example:

When True Parents was in North Korea in a prison death camp; a place where the government sent people to die. He was given five years in a place where after six months there; the prisoners would become sick and die by the hundredth each month. Many would die of starvation, so the small cup of rice that they were given each day, could mean the different between life  or death. Many prisoners would have dreams that would tell them to take their cup of rice to the prisoner with the number 596. If they refused, the next night their ancestors would visit them again, this time it would be more like a nightmare. The next day the prisoner would go and find the prisoner with the number 596. This prisoner that wore this number was the one and only, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.  Let us look at this scripture in Joel 2:28, the Lord said that…. I will pour out MY spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. Please know my brothers, and sisters that the spirit world is REAL, whether we can see or feel it or not, it lives within each of us. I have you know that it is in the subject position, and we are in the object position. This is the way that our Heavenly Father will reclaim ALL of us back from our false father satan. Many are already having  such experiences. This is the reason that I wanted to share this knowledge with you now, but will continue next month on resurrection.

Many of us are the walking dead, trying to kill God ‘s Son again, but it won’t happen. The foundation had already been laid. 2000 years ago, only the Jews were this chosen people that God had prepared to receive His Son, so when satan invaded them and they turned against our Lord Jesus, God had no other choice but to send our Jesus to the cross. So God’s Kingdom on earth had to be prolonged until now. We have to understand that it has always been about God and us. We as God’s children, has a responsibility to God, in completing the work of creation. This time is difference. First of all this is the 3rd Adam, and our God of the # 3, and He will build His Kingdom on earth without fail.. Christianity is the chosen people of God in these last days, BUT, if they miss their time of visitation, guess what? God has Himself another plan. God has raised up, another level of Christians that will obey, and do His will. What is God’s will? His will is for us to believe in the one He has sent. NO SPIRITMAN HAS ENTERED THE KINGDOM OF GOD, WHICH WAS CREATED FOR DIVINE SPIRIT-STAGE TO LIVE IN. So the kingdom of HEAVEN REMAIN EMPTY! We will enter this Divine-spirit level, Only,  with the Lord of the second Advent, the Messiah.

This is why He  ( Rev. Sun Myung Moon) comes with the name UNIFICATION. Even though believers of various religions may have had no communication with each other up to now, ALL the faithful of various religions are destined to unite centered on the Lord of the second coming. Hebrew 11:39-40  And all those, though they won DIVINE APPROVAL by means of their faith, did not receive the fulfillment of what was promised…The spirit  world will return to those of their own faith and lead them to our True Parents. Other words, the Baptist faith in the spirit world, will help the Baptists on earth, the Jews in the spirit world, will help the Jews on earth, the Muslins will help their Muslins sisters and brothers. And so it will be with all the many different faiths. The spirit world will help us blind people find our way to our true Parents. When the spirit world help us find our way, they will be helping themselves as well. The spirit world will reach perfection  together ,with us. What is bound on earth will be bound in Heaven.

Rev. Elma King

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