Seize the Moment (Radio program transcript on 2/24/14)

noahs-ark-1bBrothers and Sisters, we are living in the great and terrible days. They are called the last days, everyone I talk to believe we are. The Pastors are preaching it loud from the pulpits. Yet when we look back in history on the last days, it was only called the last days because God had they someone at that time in history to bring Salvation to us, but did we heed the call of God? NO. We didn’t listen to Noah’s Call of the Rain Coming. We didn’t listen to Jesus’s Call of the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and we are not listening to the True Parents Call of the New Heaven and new Earth, Their call to us that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is open wide. God is pouring out His grace for the whole world to come in and receive Hid unmerited grace. Still, again we are not listening to the call. History has been prolonged time and time again because of us rejecting the Ones that God gas sent to save us. We think that we okay no part in our own Salvation, and we won’t listen when we tell you that Salvation is about God and us, God’s 95% and our 5% portion of responsibility. Jesus had to work in His body and we also have to work in our bodies. Just like the body is dead without the spirit, our faith without works is also dead.
God Speaks
So many times, God speaks to us, but we don’t listen, and that precious moment is forgotten. He spoke to Adam and Eve; He said “if they are the fruit (the misuse of love), they would surely die” The very moment that they went against God’s word, they die spiritual, and the whole world was born dead because of one moment in time. Adam and Eve became out False Ancestors. We were all born of ancestors that served the devil, Satan. All separation from God took place in our blood lineage, our father became the devil. Adam and Eve didn’t seize the moment, when God gave them the command to live or die, their world changed in one moment.
Cain and Abel
God said to Cain, why are you angry, why do you look sad and depressed. “If you do well, would you not be accepted” And you do well, not do well sin crouched at your door. Its desire is for you, but you can master it. Other words Cain; you can overcome the evil with good. Abel brought God a more accept Abel sacrifice then Cain and God had to rejects Cain’s offering. When Cain said these words to his brother Abel “let us go to the field” sin had started to master him. The moment he killed his brother Abel, Cain’s life changed and he became a fugitive and a vagabond on the earth. “Sin is crouching at your door, but you can master it” was words that Cain could have used to seize the moment. His whole life could have gone in a different direction.
Noah and the Ark
“It’s going to rain” was a moment the people that heard, could seize, but they chose to ignore these words. The rain came and they were washed away in the flood judgment. They didn’t seize the moment. Noah’s son, Ham, told his brothers to cover his father’s nakedness because he felt ashamed. The moment this act was carried out Ham’s life changed in that moment.
This feeling of being ashamed is being naked was a repeated act of the face of a clam Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Before they sinned they were naked and not ashamed, but when sin was found in them, they were ashamed and sewed fig leaves together to hide themselves. So when Ham felt ashamed of his father’s nakedness, to God it was a sign of sin crouching at his door. When his brother walked backward and covers their father. Ham’s life changed. Ham didn’t stop to seize the moment in thinking how long his father worked to build the ark and save all of them. Ham should have known how much Noah was favored by God after 120 years of working.
Noah and his descendents
The words “Come let us build a city and a tower whose top reaches the sky. Let us make a name for ourselves, least we be scattered over the whole earth.” They forgot to seize the moment, before they were all one people and one language, God confused their language and did scatter them across the face of the earth. Their lives forever changed. Their worst fears were fulfilled.

Abraham and Lot
Lot separated from Abraham, he took what he thought was the best land (Jordan Valley) and gave Abraham what was left, Cannan. Lot forgot to seize the moment and God gave Abraham the blessing. Their lives were changed in a moment’s time.
However, Abraham and the offering
On the day Abraham was to cut the offering into half and lay a half opposite of each other, and he failed; Abraham’s life changed again. Satan claimed the offering, and God said to Abraham that his descendents would be strangers in a temporary land which was not like theirs and would be slaves for 40 years. Abraham’s life changed that very day, cutting the offering God’s way to separate good from evil. This was a huge mistake. Abraham didn’t seize the moment. I could go on and on, but I just want you to see, that you have to learn history, so you don’t repeat it.
Importance of the Moments – True Father’s Words
The turning points of life depend upon not what happen over a long period of time, but on how you deal with a single moment. People who ignore the moment can fail to obtain something precious. They cannot become great people and cannot inherit God’s throne and crown. To make each moment shine, you should exercise care with each word you utter, each action you take, and even each thought you think. Deal with life and solve its problems, believing that how you deal with day to day challenges of life will remain to determine our connection to the world. Meeting the challenge of each moment will make you a victor. A single moment can determine whether you are on a path of life or death.
The way we spend each moment of our life is very important issue. Looking at the history of the providence of restoration, from thousands years elapsed from Adam’s family though Noah’s family, Abraham’s family and Moses family, down to Jesus. Family, yet each of the failure that prolonged the providence did not happen over the span of say a year or a decade or several decades. Their mistakes happen in a flash. Yet the failure of that one moment had consequences that have persisted thought echoes of time. Considering this, we can understand that a single moment can have a great and terrible impact. Due to failure that one moment, countless people who walked the path of righteousness in the course of history had to undergo untold suffering. Due to the failure of that one moment, many nations could not follow God’s will and fell into the abyss of destruction.
Therefore as you walk the path of faith through the course of your life, do not procrastinate by deferring your providential responsibility from one year to the next, and then to the next year after that, and then the next year after that, or from your 20s to 30s, 30s to 40s, 40s to 50s. If you persist in your secular life style, you might end up dying without having lived for the sake of God’s will, for even a single day. In that case how could you possibly go to the kingdom of heaven.
Today’s believers should not be anxious over the coming judgment in the last days. Rather they should be anxious about how they can take each day that God has given them and devote it to the will of God. They should be anxious of how they can link their lives to God’s will. What is God’s will? To follow the one He has sent. Over my life of faith I have shared the Breaking News with many, many people. I have heard them say “this is the truth” This was a moment for them to seize, “Where has this Truth been”, another moment to seize. God said to me “This is truth you’re teaching”, this is what I’ve been searching for” I’m ready to listen to you” God sent me to you” I had a dream of you in this beautiful wedding”. These quotes go on and on but not many of these people have seized the moment that could mean life or death to them. We have to know God is still talking through others. One day, God interrupted me while I was writing at the computer. He gave me two words. I stopped and rote them down with a question mark. When I went to a special church service I collected more data. Early one morning God gave me lyrics to a story that’s now a beautiful song. I seized the moment and now I have the blessing. Just as we cannot discern that precise moment when day becomes night, and we can’t not discern the precious moment. So it is at the change of an era. The environment in which you live does not perceptibly change.
Without the aid of a clock, it’s difficult to tell when one has arrived at midnight and the start if a new day. Yesterday and today continue as though they were the same day, yet at midnight a new day begins. It happens in a single second. In the same way, a new age, and a new world began, even though we cannot point to the precise moment when the era before the coming of heaven ended, and the era after the coming of Heaven began. We tend to belive out of habit that each day is merely a continuation of the previous day, but look at history. When a new age arrives, what happens to the old values that people only have held for tens of thousands of year? No one realizes it at the time but in a single, second a way of life that has persisted for tens of thousands of years is destined to disappear. The era before the coming of Heaven and the era after the coming of Heaven intersect in the time it takes to blink your eyes. Some people continue to live without realizing anything has happened.
America please, I beg you to pray and ask God what time it is, because another wedding is taking place February 11 and 12, you need to seize the moment.

Rev. Elma King

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