cloud of witnesses          ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD!!  Brothers and sisters more, and more  I  begin to realize why God told me almost four years ago to write newsletters.  For us to be living in a land of plenty like America, we are starving to death spiritually.

On the radio station, you heard me say in my message that I am a cloud.  Many of you didn’t understand what I meant. I want to spend some time telling you the meaning of clouds in the Bible.


Christians whose heart dwells in heaven and not on the earth, because they have been reborn and raised from their fallen state. So CLOUDS indicate multitudes. Ezekiel 38:9 You shall ascend and come like a storm; you shall be like a cloud to cover the land, you and all your hosts and many people with you.

Hebrew 12:1 Therefore then since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses ( who have born testimony to the truth).

So when you hear me say that I am a cloud, I am a witness  for the Lord of the second advent making the way for the truth that He brings.

A pillar of cloud which guided the Israelites by day represented Jesus who was to come as a leader of Israel. The pillar of cloud by night represented the Holy Spirit who, as Jesus’ counterpart would guild Israel  by the fire of inspiration.

So Jesus coming on the clouds means that Jesus will emerge from among a group of reborn believers to  become  the leaders of Christians, the second Israel. Jesus will never come on a literal cloud. This is why He comes like a thief in the night to so many people that are not open spiritually. Like Jesus, every eye will see Him when He ascends to the throne.  Many of these devout Christians today are seeing Jesus near the rivers, in many churches, and  in their homes. God is talking to many people today. The testimonies will blow your mind. We can see and talk to people in the spirit world. We have to have faith in what God said. We have only spiritual salvation through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But the Messiah  of the second Advent comes to give us both, spiritual as well as  physical salvation through the Holy Wine Blessing Ceremony. This Blessing gives us rebirth, resurrection, and eternal life. We must know that God is restoring us level by level. Those of you with ear please hear, and those of you with eyes , please see. Some of you will not believe no matter what I say. You will have to wait and see.


Revelation 17:15 And the angle said to me, the waters that you observed where the harlot is seated, are races and multitudes and nations and dialects (Languages).

Psalm 144:7 Stretch forth your hands from above:  rescue me and deliver me out of great waters from the hands of hostile aliens. (tribes  around us). There are so many things I need to tell you in plain language.  This is a serious time we live in!! Written by: Elma King

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