RESURRECTION (part one) 6/12/11

RessurectionBrothers and sisters, we are living in a time now when the truth must be known, no matter how painful it is to hear. I know that many of my Newsletters contains food that you have never been  able to dine on before. No one is blaming anyone for the information that we have been given for so many years. We gave what we thought to be true. We were looking at parables and symbols, and trying our best to figure out the meaning of them all. The Bible said that when the perfect comes, that the imperfect would pass away. Well the perfect is here, and it is time for all of us to  understand  the meaning of the parables and symbols so we can learn plainly of the Father. When the  MASTER SPEAKS, it’s not left up to man’s interpretation because it is plain, and it will stand the tests of times. RESURRECTION IS A PROGRESS.

Let us look at the meaning of resurrection.  Resurrection means to come back to life. Roman 6: 3-5:  We are ignorant to the fact that all of us who have been baptized into Christ, were baptized into His death. Verse 5, For if we have become one with Him by sharing a death like His, we shall also be one with Him in sharing His resurrection. (by a new life lived for God). Let us say here that we are talking spiritual resurrection through our Lord Jesus. Because the body of Jesus was given to satan as a ransom we  all had to bear the cross of this DEAD body. We must experience yet another birth, physical birth in order to be made WHOLE. Roman 7:24-25, tells us about the body of death. When Adam and Eve separated from God in the fall, all of the children coming from them were born dead.  In Luke 9-60 Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead…. The people that was  walking had the name of being alive, but they were dead.  The walking dead.  My dear brothers and sisters, please know that the physical body was never meant to last forever. We are both physical and spiritual beings. God made us this way before sin was ever introduced into the world. God had a plan for our physical body here on earth, and He also had a plan for our spiritual body in the spirit world. Ecclesiastes 12: 7 Then shall the dusk out of which man was made, return to earth as it was…and the spirit shall return to God who gave it. We must be clear on this. 1 Corinthians 15:50 Flesh and blood CANNOT become partaker of eternal salvation, and share in the Kingdom of Heaven. Once this flesh is buried in the ground, we no longer need it. The body apart from the spirit is dead. James 2:16.Please! Please know that your decomposed body will never put on flesh again and meet the Lord in the air. I promise you, this will never happen. Satan  would like nothing more than for us to keep believing these lies, because  this is the only way for him to keep us in bondage. Only God’s  New truth will grow our spirit man, and set us free. Fallen men, are strongly attached to their physical life on earth because they don’t understand that we are created to live in the  beautiful  invisible world after discarding our flesh forever. Why would a butterfly ever want to go back to being a caterpillar crawling in the dirt after its transformation?   This butterfly that once crawled in the dirt and ate worms, can now fly and enjoy all of the nectar in the beautiful flowers.  God sent us down to earth with a body for a purpose, and it is to grow our hearts of love for each other in our family that He blessed us with. When we learn how to love each member of our family no matter how difficult that might be; we are learning how to love the world. When we return home to the spirit world filled with all different types of families, we will feel right at home. We would then understand why our family members are so different  from  each other. Some are easy to love, and  some  will push you to the edge trying to love them, but we must  love them anyway. When we live for the sake of others, we can bring joy to God’s heart. My brothers and sisters, I beg you to pray about this information no matter how different it is from any other you have received. God is bringing His family together as one family for the first time in the  history of mankind. God is our True Parents , and we are all their children. When our spirit pushes  its self away from this flesh, we are then transformed into a spiritual being that is faster than a rocket. We will be able to go through walls. Please know that Jesus resurrected body was not the same as the body He had on earth with flesh and blood. The angel that came down from the spirit world and   wrestled  with Jacob was in a spiritual body. The truth has to make sense, and there are so much that we need to know.

Let us look at the two kinds of deaths:

1)    We are a spiritual being, so we can die a physical death. Even though Adam died after He ate the fruit (a misuse of love, a sexual encounter) in the garden, he lived to reach a Biblical age of 930 years before his physical body was returned to dust.

2)     We are a physical being, so we can die a spiritual death also. Adam’s death was a spiritual death in the Garden. He was  disconnected  from the very source( the point of (ORGIN), and

the  very source of life. So now we can see that death  caused by the fall does not mean the expiration of physical life, but the state of having fallen from the good dominion of God into the evil dominion of Satan. Once we come back to God, then we come back to life. We are resurrected to that degree. Every time we feed our spirit man the truth through our earthly body, we are resurrected  more and more. If we were to live on earth forever, then there would be no need for God to create a spiritual world. Can you see that?  However, God and the angles prepared both worlds for us before the human fall occurred. If man had not fallen, he would know that discarding his flesh does not mean eternal separation from his love ones, because the earthly world was created to communicate freely with the spiritual world. We are going back to the Garden of Eden, the POINT OF ORGIN; the beginning.

This is a place where we will be in God’s direct dominion. We will see our ancestors, and talk with them from the spirit world. Many right now are experiencing such spiritual phenomenon.  We tend to want to call people crazy when they see things that we don’t see. I was with the man I call one of my fathers, John Stanton when he was getting ready to go back home to the spirit world. He could see his family as they were singing to him, and talking to him. His spiritual eyes were opening so he could see this new world he was about to enter. We, looking at him with our physical eyes could easy say; oh he’s out of his mind. I know better. So many things have happen in my life so many years ago, in order for me to tell you about them today. It is God that works this mighty works. As my friend Gwen would say in her song, “That’s Him”.  Written Rev. Elma King ( Roman 8:23, we’re waiting).

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