The Parallels of Jews and Christians History (Part one) 5/23/12
With ALL of your getting; get an understanding

Nicolas_Poussin_-_St_John_the_Baptist_Baptizes_the_People_-_WGA18294The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. This is why God said that we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We will never be able to find the truth, unless we can worship Him with the heart of our spiritual eyes.So let me write these words, and make them PLAIN. Since history repeats itself; let me draw you a map of the Jews 4000 years ago—and the Christians today.

4000 years ago the Old Testament talked about Elijah’s Mission. The Jews were promised by God that He would send them Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of the Lord.  And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. Malachi 4:5

1)   The Israelites saw Elijah go up by a whirlwind into the Heaven 2King 2:11. The SECOND COMING  of Elijah was the return of Elijah who had ascended into heaven. The Jews surely believed that Elijah would descend from the heaven. There were even scriptures to support their belief like Daniel 7:13: I saw in a night vision, and behold, one like the SON OF MAN came with  CLOUDS OF HEAVEN..The Jews held on to all their PHYSICAL Eyes had seen, but the ways of the world (physical knowledge) is foolishness to God because God is a spirit. The ways of God is foolishness to the world because the world is physical.   Galatians 5:17, the desires  of the flesh is opposed to the spirit.  John 1:19-When talks about Jesus being the Son of God reached the Jews ears; they sent Priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask John the Baptist who he was. Are you the Christ, he said I am not. Are you the prophet, He said no. Then who are you John, they asked. John said that he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness making the way straight for the Lord. John 1:19-24. Because of John’s up-right standing with all the people that were following him, his word carried lots of weight. The people believed John. So if there were no Elijah, and John said he wasn’t Elijah; then to the Jews there could be no Jesus. The Jews believed in John, who was born in a respected family of Zacharias, had a miraculous birth and lived an ascetic live( practicing self denial)  Luke 3:15– the people thought John could be the Christ. So they rejected Jesus, from a lowly carpenter’s family, unlearned youth, violated the Sabbath day  Matthew 12:1-8, Jesus befriended the tax collectors, Prostitutes, and sinners, He put himself in the same position as God, and told the people that they had to love Him more that their own family!! Wow! That was enough for them to recognize who was telling the truth, from who was lying. They thought that they had wisdom, but it was foolishness to God.  1st Corinthians 3:19.  John was about six months older than his cousin Jesus, and He had already won the hearts of the Jews and many were following him. All the people that were following John were to follow Jesus, as well as John himself. However, when Jesus disciples asked Jesus, why the Scribes say that first Elijah must come. Jesus said to them, Elijah does come, and he is to restore all things, but I tell you Elijah has come.  The disciples understood that Jesus was speaking to them about John.  Matthew 17:10-13 Jesus went on the say in  Matthew 11:14 –If you can believe it, John himself is the Elijah who was to come before the Kingdom.  Right Here you heard John saying that he wasn’t Elijah, and there is Jesus saying that he was. Jesus was speaking in the SPIRITUAL, when He said that John himself is Elijah. Jesus meant that they both were working for the same mission. John was that  SPIRITUAL CLOUD  of Elijah to witness for Jesus. To the Jews , what Jesus said made no sense. This is why Jesus said if you can’t understand physical things how can I tell you about spiritual things?  John 3:12 –We have failed to understand that God ‘s will cannot be fulfilled without human being doing their part as well. God had kept His promise to the Jews as He said He would and sent Elijah the prophet to them. The New Testament speaks of John’s mission in  Luke 1:17  –  God sent His ARCH ANGLE, GABRIEL to tell ZACHARIAS,  THE FATHER OF JOHN THE BAPTIST IN REGARDS TO JOHN’S BIRTH, THAT JOHN WOULD GO BEFORE THE LORD IN THE SPIRIT AND POWER OF ELIJAH,  TO TURN THE HEARTS OF THE FATHERS TO THEIR CHILDREN…. TO MAKE READY A PEOPLE PREPARED.  (Also, Isaiah 40:3) What this means, is Elijah is in the spirit world working with John on the earth to fulfill the SAME MISSION. This is God’s part. God was the direct cause of John being born to Zacharias, and Elizabeth in her old and barren years. God had sent John from heaven to represent Elijah who had the same mission of making the way straight for the Lord. John’s part was to say YES to the Jews when they asked if he was Elijah. God called John for this mission, and predestined him for GREATNESS. If John had completed this mission, he would have been chosen. If John didn’t fulfill his mission; it would be passed on the someone else at a later time, and John would no longer be that GREAT PERSON, but lower than the least in the kingdom, because his MISSION  that God sent him to the earth to do was soo great. This is God fulfilling His 95 % portion of responsibility, by sending the  SECOND COMING OF ELIJAH THROUGH JOHN THE BAPTIST.. John had to fulfil  his 5 % portion of responsibility in order for God’s mission to be completed 100%. It has always been about God and us. God works through us.

Did John know who Jesus  was? The answer is yes, yes,  and  yes indeed.  Malachi 3:1– Behold I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me. And the Lord  (Messiah) whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple.

John 1:6-7- There came a man sent from God whose name was John. This man was not the light himself, but came to bear witness to the light. John 1:15— John testified  about  Him and cried out, this was He of whom I said, He who comes after me has priority over me, for He was before me. Again in  John 1:27– John said It is He who, coming after me, is preferred before me, the string of whose sandal I am not worthy to un-loose.  John1:29…Look there is the Lamb who takes away the SINS of the world. John gave further evidence when he said that he saw the spirit descending on Jesus like a dove out of heaven. Then there is  John 1:34– John said: .. my testimony is that this is the Son of God. There are so many ways that God made known to John who Jesus was. Yet, Matthew 11:3– John sent his disciples to Jesus asking Him, are you the one, or should we look for another? Matthew 11:6- Jesus was indignant and replied to John’s question, and said blessed is he who takes no offence in me. The ax was already at the root of the tree. Any tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down. Matthew 11:7-11 Jesus said that John was more than a prophet….. among those born of woman there has risen no one GREATER than John the Baptist; yet he who is LEAST in the kingdom is greater than he. Christians have not understood these words that Jesus spoke of John. Many until this very day believe that John was a great man. Our True Parents came to make it plain. Everything that has been hidden will be exposed for what it is, or what it is not. So let me speak the words, and make it plain: What Jesus was saying , was that John had failed his mission that God sent him to the earth to do. He was called to be the GREATEST PROPHET KNOWN TO MAN, BECAUSE GOD HAD CALLED HIM TO DO THE MISSION OF BEING THE FORERUNNER FOR OUR LORD JESUS, THE MESSIAH.HE WAS TO MAKE THE WAY STRAIGHT SO THAT WHEN JESUS CAME, THE PEOPLE THAT GOD HAD PREPARED FOR 4000 YEARS WOULD BE READY TO RECEIVE HIM BASED ON JOHN’S WORD.JOHN SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED JESUS, AND BROUGH ALL OF HIS FOLLOWERS TO HIM AS WELL. BECAUSE HE DIDN’T DO THAT, THEN HE BECAME BELOW THE LEAST IN THE KINGDOM.

          Let us take a closer look at John.  John 1:35  we see that John was standing with two of his disciples when he looked up and saw Jesus walking along. John said to those disciples: “LOOK! THERE IS THE LAMB OF GOD! This showed what Great power John had. All he had to do was say the words, and the two disciples Andrew and Simon Peter’s brother followed Jesus. Then many others started to follow Jesus, and recognized that He was the SON OF GOD. John 3:26.. everybody started flocking to Jesus. Later John answered “ He must increase, and I must decrease.  John 3:30 —John is leaving Jesus. The people are doing exactly what they should be doing; following Jesus. But John has a problem with it. His ego is showing big time. He’s worried about his social authority and reputation. He’s saying to Jesus you go your way, and I’ll go mine. There is unity in going the same way; there is division in going separate ways.  We will increase together, or decrease together.  But whatever we do, we will do it together. But Jesus had to go find people Himself that would follow him. He had to  prepare  people that John should have already had prepared for Him. This was a major setback in the providential history for Jesus. So John let Jesus down, so did Zacharias and Elizabeth, so did Mary, the mother of Jesus; and finally ALL of His disciples ran away. (Matthew 26:56). None of them did God’s, will-  which was to follow the one God had sent

Matthew 14:11-John head was brought in on a platter. John had gotten himself involved in other matters, and the ax was waiting to cut down the tree. Deut.11: 25-26-  Behold I set before you this day-blessing if you obey, curses if you don’t. If only John could have lost his head for Jesus, he could have saved his life.

When God call someone for a MISSION, and that Mission is not completed for whatever reason; history is prolonged as God waits to call another person to fulfill that SAME MISSION.

God doesn’t interfere with a person’s efforts to fulfill his portion of responsibility, but treat him according to the results of his action. After you have done God’s will, then you will received His promise. The Jews were looking up for 30 plus, while Jesus was living on the earth with them. He came to them like a thief in the night, and before they realized that He was here; He was gone. They had His blood on their hands, as they said in Matthew 27:25 : Let His blood be on us and our children. MISTAKEN FAITH by so many people was the cause of Jesus having to go to the cross.   John 18-36 :Jesus said- my Kingdom is not of this world, if it was the people that were following me would have fought to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. Matthew 26:38- Jesus said my soul is very sad, and deeply grieved, so that I am almost dying of sorrow. He also said in Luke 19:42 if you had know personally, even to this day the things that makes for peace: freedom from all of your distress that you experienced as a result of  SIN- and upon which your peace , your security, safety, prosperity, and happiness depends—but now it is hidden from your eyes. They murdered our Lord Jesus, and the SIN that He came to take away remained in the WORLD!! So what is God’s will? John 6:29This is the work that God ask of you–that you believe in the one He has sent. If  you don’t the ax is waiting at the root of the tree.

   Bro.  and sis. I am Elma King, brining God’s message to you today. May God’s amazing grace be forever with you as you go find that new wine of Jesus.  Aju!!                                                           

Written by Elma King April  23,2012

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