Resurrection (part four) 10/12/2011  (Part Three is here)

jesusresurrection_2In John 11:25, Jesus said: I am (myself) the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, although he may die, yet shall he live. We have learned that Jesus was speaking about spiritual death when He said yet shall he live. Jesus knew that our physical bodies would one day go back to dusk. That was the way God planned it from the time  He created us. We are physical as well as spiritual beings. The earth is created for the physical body that will last for 70 to a hundred years or so, and the spiritual world was created for the spirit body that will last for all eternality. When God sends us down to the earth, He sends us here for a purpose; that purpose is to grow our spirit that is inside of the physical body by living for the sake of others, not ourselves. He wants us to grow to perfection.

How do we grow our spirit body?

Repent, turn from your evil ways, and turn back to God. We need to do God’s will.We need to do God’s will, and not our own will. Jesus said: In Matthew 26:39….let this cup pass away from me;  nevertheless, not as I will but as you will. We can’t do our will and follow our Heavenly Father.  We have to be just like Jesus, when He said: I ONLY think what my father thinks ,and I only speak what my Father speaks. Please stop telling God’s children that NO ONE CAN BE LIKE JESUS!  Jesus Himself said we could when He said as I am, you should be also. Proverb 28:26 He who leans on and trusts in and is confident of his own mind and heart is a (self confident) fool. So what is God’s will? His will is for us  to believe, and follow the one He has sent. We are to receive, believe, and actualized His word ( be ye doers of the word). I can believe for a thousand years, but unless I add some work with my faith it will remain just that, a belief. So you grow your spiritual body by believing, serving and following the one God has sent. Brothers and sisters, this is the will of God!!! John 6:29.

                                            Dead People

Man cooperated with satan and fell away from God, so man  now, needs to cooperate with God in order to be restored back to Him. So you see faith alone CAN NOT restore us. Our faith, prayers and actions = RESTORATION (RE-CREATION). What does God see as dead?  Death in God’s term is invisible death. This death does not take place in the physical or the visible form. It does not mean the destruction of your physical body (when the pulse stops). This death is the separation from God the very source of light. It took place very quietly, but absolutely. The moment Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit (a misuse of love, fornication), they died into the blood lineage of satan. Every since then, hell and the prince of darkness has been the ruler of the world. Death has reigned all over the world. We are walking dead people, even though we have the name of being alive. If we don’t know our purpose of life, and if we don’t know God; we are dead people. Luke 9:60.

Resurrection is here

Jesus came to this earth entrusted and empowered with all the power He needed to resurrect  the death of mankind. He was sent to a world that had died by one man, the first ADAM. He came to restore that what was lost. He was supposed to be the last man Adam who would bring us back to life. (second man Adam, all was made alive). THEN WAS THE TIME for people to resurrect. Jesus did not say“ I WILL DIE ON THE CROSS”, and then I will resurrect you, after I am raised from the dead. But He said, I am the life, I am the way. In order for you to come to the Father, you must come through me. THIS IS THE PRESCRIPTION THAT GOD GAVE TO MANKIND. Within Jesus was the pure blood lineage of God. All mankind had to do was to accept the resurrection through Jesus. We could have been enjoying the Kingdom from two thousand years ago. God, our Heavenly Parents had brought down on earth a “ WALKING RESURRECTION”, the living Jesus. My dear brothers and sisters, Our Lord Jesus did not have to die on the cross in order to save us. This information comes from the living God. All mankind had to do was believe, receive, and  follow Him as the Messiah;  the one that God had sent. They could have received resurrection.
What went wrong?

The people blindly rejected their Messiah, the one God had sent. Zechariah 12:14. They didn’t know their purpose, and they didn’t know God. 1st Corinthians 2:8. They kept searching the scriptures, you know like we do now. If it’s not in the Bible, I don’t believe it , we say. They missed, and crucified the Lord of Glory that lived amongst them. 1st Thessalonians  2:15. This resurrection of mankind was prolonged 2000 years until Jesus return.  He said He would return as a Bridegroom.
 The Bridegroom cometh(The 3rd  Adam).

The Kingdom of God does NOT come with SIGNS TO BE OBSERVED, OR VISIBLE DISPLAY. Luke 17:20-21 Behold the Kingdom of God is within you.

Mark 13:21 If someone should say here is the Messiah or there He is don’t believe it. False Messiahs and False Prophets will come and work MIRACLES AND SIGNS:  So let us see what God said about signs. Matthew 12:39: Jesus replied…   AN evil and adulterous generation ( a generation morally unfaithful to God), seeks and demands a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the PROPHET JONAH. What was that sign? Luke 11:29…… just as Jonah was a sign to the people of Nineveh, the Son of Man, will be a sign to the people of today. THE MESSIAH IS HERE ONCE AGAIN, AND ONCE AGAIN HE BRINGS RESURRECTION WITH HIM!!!  YOU WILL ONlY BE GIVEN THE WORD!  Only they, the True Parents can give us resurrection. They bring both spiritual, and physical resurrection. However, if we fail to receive them, we will be fooled by the false Prophets: Mark 13:22…. False Christ (Messiah),  and prophets will arrive and show signs of WONDER. We do NOT understand why Jesus worked miracles. They were a desperate cry to get people to believe Him. Did they believe Him? Even the Disciples ALL ran away!!! These words I speak to you today will be your judge, just wait and see. The KINGDOM IS HERE!!

Hebrew 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hope for, and the evidence of things not seen. NOW IS THE TIME!! Written by L-ma King

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