Get Busy Living, or Get Busy dying- 3/1/2014

God and SatanWhether we speak  words to live, or to die is up to us. God has given us the power to do both. However, He asked us to choose life. God has given us the power to choose life, or to choose death, and  He has placed them both before us. God is life, and Satan is death. A very small member in our body will write down the history of our entire life while we are here on this earth. Every thought that we have entertained will be recorded on our spiritual self. As each of us, are born on this earth, the choice is up to us to decide where we will spend our eternal life. God gave us a pen that works like a recorder. We can sow good or evil seeds, and this pen as small as it is; stands ever ready to write everything down. Psalm 45:1 tells us that the tongue is a: “READY WRITER ”.  Let me repeat, our Tongue is a READY WRITER. You never have to replace the ink. Number 23:19 also tells us that God is not a man that He/she should tell a lie.  Yet, we see people that say that they are in the likeness of God, lie. And they lie over and over again without giving it a second thought.  God can’t trust them, and others can’t trust anything they say. If God, our Heavenly Parents, is not a God that they should tell a lie; we can’t say that we resemble God, if we do lie. Our Bible tells us, that our father the devil is a liar and there is no truth in him. If our actions do not match our words, we already know who we resemble, and it is not the creator, our Heavenly Parents. Once you speak words, whether they are good or bad, you can’t go out and retrieve them and they won’t return to you void. Words are similar to seeds, when you speak them a -loud, they are planted in the universe. Your body is also listening to your words that you say over it, and works to carry out your commands. Let me give you an example: My older sister told her body that she was old long before years made it so. Over and over, you could hear her saying:  “Oh, I am so old, oh I am so old”. However, others looking at her didn’t see that these words she spoke were true at all. Many of the family witnessed a major change that took place in her body. She had to be pushed around in a wheel chair when she was still so young. Her body had been listening to these words. These words started to take root and produce fruits of like-kind.  Another example: When my husband and I first got married, over and over when I asked him how did he sleep? He would tell me that he was very restless. I would sit and listen to him tell me his story. I get up about one am, and I am up for about two hours; then I go back to bed and sleep. He would say this over and over to me. So at one am in the mornings, the body would say: “Hey Rev. King; wake up”!! After he was up for two hours, the body would say: “Hey Rev. King, go back to bed. So finally I said to my husband, please stop telling your body that you are restless. Stop telling your body what time it needs to get up, and what time it can go back to sleep. The body hears you speaking words over it. You are sowing seeds, and it is making sure that you reap the harvest. If this is what you say to the body over, and over, then the body is makes sure it does just that. I asked my husband to give me a good report of how well he slept, even if he didn’t. It is called retraining your body through the living words of God. Now, saying that he slept great may sound like he is telling a lie, but we must know what our heavenly Parents says about our situation. They said: Let the weak say, I am Strong!!  Joel 3:10. It took a while for him to retrain his body, but now when I ask him how he slept, he says:  “ I slept like a log”. This means, he positioned his body in a comfortable place, and he let the hammer down!!  He got up when it was time for him to get up the next morning. From this example, we can see that-  “Our Circumstances will remain on the same level as our constant confessions, making  the words we say a self fulfilling prophecy by controlling the directions of our lives”.

So if we habitually speak words of failure, we will eventually move in that direction. Words are seeds that produce a harvest that must be eaten. Sometime back, I heard of this person praying to God like this: “ Lord, he would say, you know that I don’t have this, and Lord you know that I can never do that.  And the Lord said, whose words are you using to talk to me? Speak my living words! Otherwise, God’s word says you can. God’s word, say you have, and it the word of God that brings forth life.

Life of death

So with our tongue, we can speak life or death, good or evil. God wants us to speak and do His words, because in them we can have eternal life. This is how we all should  live.

Matthew 4:4. Satan wants us to speak and do his words, because in them he knows that we will die. He knows that we will surely die! God has clearly given us a choice here. He has given us the power in our own tongue to live or die, but He ask us to choose LIFE. PLEASE CHOOSE LIFE! Proverb 18:21, tells us that the power of life and death is in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it will eat the fruits of it. It is our tongue that is out of control. It can set off a little spark that can burn up a whole forest. The only way to control our tongue is through God’s spiritual power. We have to speak, and practice  words, that makes the body listen to the spirit, and follow. The body shouldn’t be leading the spirit. Two plus’ can never be in harmony with each other; they will always fight. God created us as male and female, plus and minus. However, within our individual body, we also have a plus and minus.  We have a spirit a body. We all have to bring peace to the war within us first, before we can go out to bring peace to the world. When we can bring harmony within our own body, by making the body follow the spirit, we can connect with God. This is when we can start to resemble the creator. The meaning of perfection is mind and body unity, its spiritual maturity. When you walk this way, God can trust you, man can trust you, and Satan knows the he has to flee!


As long as we are lying, we are out of order, and Satan can continue to kill us, and lead us into hell. Just the mere fact that we are still lying, means the body is still leading us. When we are being led by the spirit, the lying will stop right away!

Resembling our Heavenly Parents.

The earth is a training ground for us to train our body to, live for the sake of others. In putting this into practice, we are training ourselves to resemble the creator, our Heavenly Parents. Each time you serve, and live for the sake of others, you can lose yourself, which allows your spirit self to grow.  By putting this service into practice, your spirit self can grow strong, and take control over the body that wants to dominate it.

 The Lost of Love

The reason that the mind and body struggles all the time is that in the fall, love was removed. Remember, in the fall we separated from the God of love. A separation from God is also a separation from God’s True love, True Life, and True Linage.  We have been born with Satan’s false love, false life, and false lineage. Inside of all of us is a fight between God and Satan, We know that nothing false will stand. But it is our own portion of responsibility to stop this war, so the lying will stop- When the lying stops, life will start to blossom.

Jesus and True Parents said:

Jesus said, when you see me, you see the Father, because I am in the Father and the Father is in me. He said that He and the Father are one. His prayer was that God would make us one.

True Parents said: Let us become True owners of Cheon IL Guk who practice True love in resemble of the creator, our Heavenly parents. “The Time is Now” for us to be one with our True Heavenly Parent; they are parents   of the living, not the dead.

Brothers, and Sisters let us all come through the WIDE HEAVENLY GATES and live with the Our True Parents of Heavenly and Earth.  Her message given at Orlando Family Church, Orlando, Florida

Rev. Elma King

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