True Father and Jesus ChristFather Moon (Sun Myung Moon) was born, on January 6, 1920 to a father of a farmer in what is now known as North Korea. Like Jesus, many knew of his birth before he was born and afterwards.

1935 he had a spiritual encounter with Jesus, who tasked him to build the kingdom of God on earth.

At age 16, he undertook the overwhelming task, the mission of Jesus as a bridegroom. He went deep into his studies. Jesus through him the many things that He wanted to share with world while He was on the earth, but was not able to, because the people didn’t understand them.

He started his public ministry in the 1940’s. He has been arrested and tortured on his long difficult journey. He’s been in prison 6 times. They put him in North Korea’s Death Camp for his bold efforts of teaching people about God.

1945 he finished the Divine Principle. It is God’s blueprint, the scroll, written before the Bible. The Bible is stories telling parables Plain Truth that Jesus talked about. Jesus said a time would come when He shall no longer speak in parables and symbols, but would tell you Plainly of the Father. This Plain Truth he gave to True Father. Dr. Moon . There are many things that Jesus had to say that we teach you today.

The Word may be new, but they fit the scripture like the missing parts of a puzzle. This truth we speak has been there all along in plain sight, but in a coded message, hidden from our eyes. Brothers and sisters please bring your Bible and find your way to a work shop near you. When the light finally comes on, you will cry every day, like I do. You will repent thousands of times to God for not knowing the truth sooner. I promise you, once you learn this truth; you will have trouble sleeping on it without sharing it. This is an invitation to you, don’t miss it.

Take this food from the little book and eat it. It will be bitter in your stomach, but your mouth sweet as honey.

1954 he moved to South Korea.

1960 this bridegroom found his bride and together had fourteen children.

1971 his ministry expanded to the USA

1976 he had the greatest religious rally that assembled in Washington, DC. Drawing over 300,000 participations of all (?needs/creeds?) and colors. He called for a revival of American Religious heritage and unity against communism. In support of this cause, the Washington Times was funded by President Ronald Reagan, said to the Washington Time, together we won the Cold War.

1990 Dr. Moon returned to North Korea the place that tried to stone him to death. For the first time in 40 years, he met President Kim Sung, under whose regime he had been tortured and imprisoned. He was permitted to return to his home town and the house of his birth. While there, he was allowed to place flowers on his own parent’s graves for the first time after 40 years.

He embraced his surviving relatives. He had left his family and came to America, Christians the land of Jesus’ people to bring them the wonderful truth first what Jesus shared with him.

What are we doing with this truth America? Are you still (?mummeries?) among yourselves like the Time of Jesus?

With the help of the Universal Peace Federation and thousands of others True Parents revealed to us that Our Heavenly Parents are grieving and broken hearted when He sees this sinful world of humanity.

Why haven’t we looked at Our Family? As parents with evil in us, how we want the best for our own children and how our hearts are broken when they do evil things. If we wonder why we feel these things, it’s because of God, our heavenly parents also feel these things towards us, as His children.

So if you’ve never cried uncontrollable tears, you’ve never connect with God’s heart. One day, I asked God one simple question “So God, how do feel today?” The tears pounded like rain down my face. I must have cried for an hour or more before I could stop. I wasn’t until I met True Parents, and started to learn more about God, did I come to understand what happened. God was answering my question by letting me know how He felt.

Come to think of it, why don’t we ever ask God, our heavenly parent, how he is doing. Why is it that we are always asking for something? Why don’t we ask God sometimes? True Heavenly parent, what can I do for you?

If we believe that God is a spirit, which means that we are the body, the temple of God. So if we are the body, why aren’t his eyes reading, why aren’t his hands healing, why aren’t his words teaching, why aren’t his feet going, why is his love not showing others that He is the way? There are words from a Casting Crowns song, and they are so true. We need to be doing things for God with this body that He has given to us. Do we not know of the (?Gesu sand?) John 10:34 states that we are gods. We were all created to be lords of the earth. All trees a life as Jesus was the tree of life and True Parents is the tree of life. Then we can all be trees of life but we have to grow up first. To give you the grace of this position, as Lord is like giving a knife to a baby, it’s dangerous. God waits for all of us to become Spiritually Mature, and then we can have all these things will be added unto us.

Malachi 3:10 Prove me now, said the Lord. Says the Lord of hosts; “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessings that there will not be enough room to receive it.”

Though the middle East Peace initiative True Parents are brining thousands of religious leaders to Israel and Palestine 20,000 in 2001. He is urging the children of Abraham to unite. The Bible said the knowledge, people perish. Over 100 years they have been fighting there without understanding why. We have to go back to the beginning and study the history of Abraham and his children.

Study the history of Abraham and his children. Look at Isaac and Ishmael and the rest of Abraham’s children. Divine principle makes it plain; It tells you plainly of the Father. May 2013 we will go back to the Middle East, Only the True Parents can bring peace there. Remember I told you the story about how we fought in our family until Our Parents came back home. They need to be educated with the word, that True Parents brings, and the fighting will stop. If they can come together long enough to listen to the Truth, our True brings, the fighting will stop right away.

1960 is when the wedding of the lamb took place, and the marriage blessing movement took place. It began with three couples and the mission of Jesus, which was passed to True Father has expanded to millions worldwide. We must know that the wedding is a … the world back into God pure lineage.

The banquet of the lamb means that the Lord will come to the earth in the last days and meet His bride. The bride and bridegroom will get married for the first time in history centering on God. They will start God’s pure blood lineage like a mustard seed, and soon it will fill the earth.

True parents are that substantial temple in which God can dwell. He can produce the fruit of Faith, hope and love that all humanity has, and connects it to all to a history of the past, present and future.

He is the o ne that can bring peace to the world. History started on a lie – False love. So the beginning of history means the spreading of false love, life and lineage of Satan, we all have blood lineage of our ancestors, and that’s how we come children of our Father, the devil. What does that mean; it means that you are in a position to be the enemy of God.

The whole purpose of religion is to meet our True Parents. We need them to inherit the new blood lineage, to fall on this way. We need the True Parents to restore this evil world, by fulfilling the conditions needed to identify the Fall of the Family, True Parents completed this course of restoration through identity on a worldwide level, the world cannot be restored and God could not be welcomed to the Earth.

June 13, 2006 was such a grand day for out Heavenly True Parents. One day you will fix your eyes upon the beautiful peace palace to welcome our Lord, and return the earth to Him. Did you know that Adam gave Satan everything that was given to him by God? That’s why Satan could offer Jesus all the Kingdom if only he would bow down to worship him.

True Parents have sacrificed so much for Humankind. They have even offered up four of their children as a sacrifice for the providence.

True Parents is a word that Satan doesn’t like, because when people believes and follow the words everything Satan has will be destroyed and brought to ruin. True Parents are the original ancestors of Goodness. They are the True Parents, the Final Messiah. There will be NO other. He has opened the path of rebirth, reconstruction, and eternal life in the physical and spiritual world along which fallen humankind MUST WALK. Reus James and Loretta Anderson are teaching you the Bible keys that lead you to True Parents without a doubt.

The words True Parents imply the ideal SALVATION by meeting True Parents, a way is open up for you to a place where you can Meet God, They are the center of love, and they are the Starting Point. They’re the first human ancestors who can start with the complete and absolute unity of Adam and Eve creating a love that sets God’s love as its core.

Before God can be completed Himself, it needs True Parents on the earth. Because God is a spirit, He has been looking for two physical people on the earth who could represent him in the flesh.

They are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. It means because God’s purpose that who presented in Genesis was not fulfilled; it presented, again in the book of Revelations.

The two tablets if stone that God needs to lead the Israelites in the wilderness were a pillar of clouds and a pillar of fire. There was pillars symbolically shows us the coming of parents in the last days. The clouds fulfilled during the day and the fir fulfilled during the night.­­­­ People who do not follow the guidance of the pillars will perish. Whoever seeks to save their life will lose it, and whoever seeks to lose their life for my sake shall find it. We all have to die to Satan’s world. 2000 years ago Jesus, the gaining, the first ancestor made that statement, no one comes to the Father except through me. He didn’t say the kingdom because the world reflected him and His kingdom. He came to bring was no of that world.

Today we are all in a new Heaven and a new Earth. True Parents are the first ancestors of this new world. So they are the beginning. They said, no one gets into the kingdom except by them. Brothers and Sisters of the Kingdom, Heaven on earth is here and I can invite you in through the authority given to me as a tribal messiah, by our True Parents. Won’t you please get ready for the next Global Wedding next year, and join the Royal Heavenly Family of God.

Brothers and Sisters, I’m Elma King, won’t you find this light and walk in it.

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