All year long we prepared for our Roadside Blessings in Alabama. We collect clothing, shoes, and books from others; but we buy the food with our own money. This year was different. One day we went witnessing with a Haiti Family Restoration T-shirt to build a Center in Haiti, but a lady gave us clothing instead.

For the first time we were able to take a mixture of juices to the blessings with us. My neighbor Mr. Jimmy Rivera  introduced me to a local food bank. The bank donated my truck full of juices, black beans, Salsa, and cans green beans. When I went to the store to buy food, a shopper saw me loading up my chart with many souper meals. She asked me if the soup was good.  I told her that I didn’t know, because we were buying them to feed the hungry. She gave me a $10.00 dollar donation.

I came home to pack bags of meals for a day.  And we loaded up in our SUV, black beans, grits, rice, macaroni, bread, green beans, salsa, souper meal s, soups, mixed juices, and water. We had clothing; some we had to buy, shoes books, and new toys for kids. We had more food this time than we ever had before. The night before we were to leave, someone left more can goods at our front door. This is blessings shaken up, packed down, and still running over as God promised He would give. We also took spiritual food: New letters to tell the world about the coming wedding on February 12,2013 ( The Messiah is here )!,  Did Jesus come to Die?, part one and two, The Parallels of Jews and Christians History, part one and two, and we always take the Holy Wine. After an almost ten hour drive to Monroeville, Alabama, we heard the weather report for our scheduled Roadside Blessing date.

It was a forecast of rain all day. November 26, 2013, we were up early and on the phone making arrangement s for the next day to do our blessings. The next day, it wasn’t raining, but it was bitter cold.  When we picked up the tables from the rental shop, the owner said, next year, I want to donate money to help you do this work. When we set the tables up at out spot near the gas station, the owner came out and said: this is a great thing that you guys are doing. From now on, we don’t have to ask for this spot in order to give the food away; this spot comes with his blessings.

The winds were so high that it made it feel like 15 degrees. We weren’t able to set up our banner, and put out our clothing as we usually do. The wind blew the cups of Holy wine right out of my hand, and my husband said that his jaws felt frozen when he tried to pray. We ended up just praying over this Thanksgiving Season for the families, and we gave the food to them. We served the older people right in their cars, because they could not stand in the cold weather. We were blessed to serve food to about 55 families, in spite of missing our scheduled date, and the cold weather.

 One man said: you are giving away food; it doesn’t get any better than this! My brother Bobby, even though he made up an excuse the first time we asked him to help us; he now looks forward to helping us each time we come to give food away. He has also opened his home for us to stay each time we visit there. This was the first time my brother Jimmy gave us a well needed hand. He took off from his job to help us move the people that were standing in line quickly out of the cold.

The next day, my family gathered at my sister, Jean and her husband Michael’s house for our Thanksgiving dinner. They know what it mean to live for others .  Knowing that we had worked so hard to make so many others happy, we could be happy too. We already, have people waiting to help us next year.

On out trip going and coming, we dropped off seeds  to people at the gas stations, in parking lots, on the windshields of cars, and any place we stopped to eat. We had made up flyers with our True Parent’s  picture, and many websites where people could read  and learn about True Parents. They could also read True Father’s autobiography.

The secret to true happiness is living for the sake of others. Once we find that sacrificial way of living; we can all be “HAPPY PEOPLE”. This is the title of my new song God gave me on November 22, 2013.

Written- by :  Rev. Elma King

December 2, 2013


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