The Ark of Truth has open up its gates, and is calling all of us to enter in. There is a kind of hush all over the world, as millions prepare themselves for “Foundation Day” February 21, 2013 (also,16th of Feb.); it is the sound of people in love. They are circumcising their hearts, and cleaning their robes of any spots or wrinkles. They are reflecting on their long journey that is filled with great trials and tribulations, as they continue to follow True Parents day and night. They are busy offering up their first foundational fruits of many years to God and the lamb. Their spiritual eyes and ears are keenly attuned to the Heavenly Decree with prayerful hearts. This period of such outpouring of providential grace has not overtaken them like a thief in the night. They know the time of their visitation is here.
Satan knows God’s plan to unify the world through the “One Truth”, and he has presented a False Imitation of that truth in order to unify humanity centered on himself. He sowed natural seeds of the FLESH BODY in the Garden of Eden denying any existence of the spiritual reality of God. The world is looking at this critical time in history with their natural eyes that are fixed on the physical clouds for the Second Advent of the Lord; and they are watching for the physical decomposed bodies to resurrect from the graves. Their faith is built on a false Imitation of the natural seed that Satan sowed, when he told Eve that she would not die if she ate of the fruit. We know that they did die when they ate the fruit, as God said they would. Their deaths were both SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL.
Our many years of spiritual teachings, tears and prayers are still working hard trying to open the gates of their spiritual eyes and ears. God has opened the GATES of the Ark of Truth very wide for all to come in. But only the spiritual wisdom leads to perfection through Christ- the natural wisdom does not, and will be oven taken like a thief in the night. We pray that you will ask so that you will know your time of visitation, and knock so you can enter the Ark of Truth. God is pouring out His special grace to all mankind like never before. There are no sins too small or too large that you can’t be forgiven for. He does not want any lost. This is a NEW BEGINNING, and God will guild us to springs of the water of life. He’s calling you, will you please come in? Written by: L-ma King—Feb 4, 2013

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