Standing outside of Pastor Alexandre Decimus’ Church, a young man came up and asked me what I had seen there in Haiti. I reflected upon what I had seen with my physical eyes, and I told him that I saw hell. He looked at me with such a frown on his face. I repeated the words, yes I see hell here, but please don’t get me wrong. Jesus went to hell after His crucifixion, and Rev. Moon went to hell before He started His public ministry. The Kingdom of Heaven is found in hell. So Rev. Moon had to go to hell in order to start building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
Looking around this miserable place it’s hard to believe that God could be here, but He is. I have never felt the Holy Spirit so much as I have since I’ve been here. The Spirit of God is here. The young man gave me a beautiful smile. Many Pastors have preached the message, “What in Hell Do You Want”? Their answers are the same “There is nothing in Hell that we want. However, we come to hell knowing that Heaven is found right here.
Written by Minister Elma King
July 27, 2012

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