Over the years, my husband and I have been working as Tribal Messiahs in our hometowns. We have taken ownership of being the seed sower, as we invested very generously with everything. A firm foundation has been set that we can continue to build on. If we relied only on our physical eyes, the painted picture that we see would be grim. However, in our hearts of hearts we recognize that in the earth there is seed time and harvest time. The earth produces by itself first the blade, then the ear, then the full corn. The seed has in itself God’s germinating principals. As we work in God’s stead, He wants us to prepare the soil of the hearts. Many times the seed may grow in silence and imperceptible to our physical eyes but, our faith tells us that God’s word will not return void. So, we don’t worry about the harvest, we worry if we have not planted any good seeds.
This year we experienced the most amazing things. The family members that we thought would be the last to want to come into the Wedding on January 13, 2013, are the first to come, and the ones we thought would be first are still holding out. However, there is evidences of some seeds growing well. We know that God never changes, so the changes must come within the hearts of man.
An invitation to Cap-Haitian
When we received an invitation from Michael and Evenlyne Drake to go the Cap-Haitian, it was at a point in my life when everything around me seemed at a standstill. When so many trials comes at one time, we realize it’s a invitation to go out and do more for others. True Parents said, if we can’t save our hometown then work to help save a nation. How great it would be if we could work in our hometown, and work to save a nation as well!! So while the seeds are growing in our hometown, God is giving us the opportunity to plant some more seeds to help save a nation. My husband and I agreed to go to Haiti. The day before the trip and all the way there was extremely challenging to say the least.
Once we were there, we had a meeting with the Cap –Haitian team:
– Evelyne Drake- Chairwomen WFWP/ Translator for America’s team
– Douyon Dameus-Missionary UC/Translator/Assistance OSDP
– Gardy Charles- Missionary UC/Power point/ assistance OSDP/
Dimarche Jackson-Welcome team/ Music Ministry/Missionary UC
-Dr. Nana Opio-Health care Education/Naturopath Physician/ Traditional Midwife
-Ms. Robin Baldwin-Character Education/Teacher/MA Degree in Africana Studies
-Alessandre Haynes/ Medical Student at USF in Tampa, Florida/ Registration team/ Mobile Medical team
Pastor Alexandre Decimus- of Eglise Evangelique Mont des Olivers Church
-Rev. Jeddie and Minister Elma King- Original Substance Divine Principal Seminar/ Music Ministry/ Holy Wine Blessings
We wasted no time getting the program started that the Drake’s family had planned and scheduled for us. The program went very well. I know Sister Evenlyne Drake will report in details so to keep from being redundant, I will leave this part of reporting to her. I will say however, that this is the first time that the OSDP/Holy Wine has been a part of the program. My husband and I are known as Trail Blazers. We look for the paths that others have NOT treaded. So we fit right into this schedule. We take ownership in being the leaders that God meant for all of us to be. Being out of the box gives us freedom to grow.
Original Substance Divine Principal
Each day during the questions and answers period, Pastors would be lined up to ask questions about the information that they had been given. No one came up to the front to be negative. My husband loves it when people asked questions, because it means that they’re seeking. The Bible said-seek and you shall find. When they found the information they needed to connect the dots, we felt the joy in their hearts as they went back to their seats. I brought the Breaking News that the Messiah is here, but we didn’t tell them anything that they didn’t already know. They were people that God had already prepared to receive His word
The Holy Wine After the last day of the OSDP Workshop, we offered the Holy Wine to about 250 sister and brothers. Mrs. Evenlyne Drake announced that they should keep their cups as a souvenir. many that had returned their cups ran up the front to get a cup for their keepsakes. As we prepared to give out certificates for the seminar, I sung the Holy Wine Blessing song. I had a wine cup in my hand so when I held the cup up I was so inspired to see hands go up as they raised their cups up in cheers. I had never witnessed anything like this before, but would like to make that experience a part of the Holy Wine Program that we shared with others. Many thanks to Rev. Tom Cutts, and Rev. Chidester for sending us a holy wine blessing wedding dvd. We played it in the background as we served the wine. It was most impressive.
On Saturday, the Pastor, and his wife that offered their church to us for the seminar, invited us to their home for refreshments. We took the opportunity to bless him and his wife with the holy wine. They were so humble. This is what real love feels like. Our lives will forever be changed
Radio interviews
Mrs. Drake was able to connect us to a local radio station. We went there on Saturday June 2, 2012. Instead of one thirty minute message, we were given a tour of the Radio station, as well as three radio interviews. One of the Host played a happy Birthday song to me, as he also was celebrating his radio anniversary. We left our cards in every studio, that said; “ SHARING THE BREAKING NEWS: THE SECOND ADVENT OF OUR LORD IS HERE!! News came back to us that the callers were jamming the air waves after hearing the messages that Mrs. Drake, my husband and I sent out. One radio Host called the center to see if he could come over and re-record some information he lost due to an interruption in the electrical power. We were all happy to do so. We were only validating what the spiritual world had already told them “THE MESSIAH IS HERE ON EARTH NOW!!
The Spirit World
The Bible said that in the last days, I will pour out my spirit upon ALL flesh. There was never more evident to me that this scripture was being fulfilled right before our very eyes, than what our eyes were able to behold while staying at the center. Early in the mornings about 3:00 am and 4:00 am, you could hear singing and praying in the back of the center. In the front of the center, people would walk up the hill just to touch the grounds and put their hands on the walls. Some would lay on the ground, cry and pray to God. We had seen school kids walking the streets with books in hand, studying every chance they got. These kids would also come and sit on the ground at the center, and read until dark, Why are so many people coming to this place? It’s not because we told them anything, but the spirit world is helping them connect to the MESSIAH- HEART TO HEART. This is the way we will ALL be connected; heart to heart.
One morning after breakfast I went upon the third floor terrace to look over the city. I heard a noise in the back of the center and I looked over the wall. There was a lady lying on the ground crying and praying. I was over-come with the Holy Spirit as I ran back down to my room. I had cried every day I was there because of what my eyes saw and my heart- felt, but this day was difference. This time the tears were out of control, and nothing could bring me comfort but more tears. This sadness is above and beyond any words I could possibly say. We have to experience it with our hearts
A Celebration
As the wonderful cook, Douyon Dameus finished setting the beautiful table with a big box and sparkling soda, I realized that this being the last night a celebration for the victory we would offer up to God was certainly in order. When everyone was seated, Mrs. Drake stood up to announce the celebration of a special day. To my big surprise, they were also celebrating my birthday, and the whole team had been in on it. I was so involved in the mission until I had forgotten my own birthday, but they made this one so special that I will never forget the love they showed me. I felt in no way worthy to receive such recognition.
Coming Home
The trip back home was extremely difficult every step of the way back to Florida. When we returned home there were mountains of things we had to face. Some new ones and some old ones that we left unattended. But, we still hold on to the words, seed time and harvest time. We planted many seeds in Cap-Haitian. So, as the blade, becomes the ear, and then the full corn, these mountainous things that we face now, will change. Everything must change.
Written by: Minister Elma King

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