Each morning when I went out on the terrace of our place of resident, I enjoyed looking over the city of Haiti. I reflected on what my eyes had seen the day before. It was like snap shots of my life. A child walking naked, a family living in run-down shacks, people working just for food, and a place that the world seem to have forgotten. Beneath it all, was the beautiful landscape that God had created. Over the years, God has trained my eyes to see what could be even in the worst of situations. He has given me vision. Many times my train of thought were interrupted by someone hitting on the walls in prayer outside the gate of our resident. I would focus my eyes on many people crying and praying on the grounds in front of the residence. The tears would fall as I cried and prayed with them. They are killing me softly every day. I am reminded of my song, ”Every day I Die”. One morning I visited the terrace, but went to the back of the terrace this time. The singing and praying filled my ears, but when I looked on the ground and saw a lady laying there and praying, I fell apart. I ran down to my room. It was more than I could keep inside, and the tears fell like rain, and I cried out loud! The brothers came in to comfort me, but there is no comfort for pain of this magnitude. All I can give right now is my love and prayers; and a vision of a better future. You can lose yourself here, and feel like you have enough love to embrace the entire world in your arms; and still have love to spare.
The group gave me a beautiful physical birthday celebration there, but I also celebrated an elevation of my spiritual rebirth as well, as I softly died to my old way of thinking.

Minister Elma King
July 28, 2012

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