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Jeddie and Elma King have been hosting marriage-education events since the Fall of 2008.
On March 17, 2007, Mr. and Mrs. Elma King gave away household items to passersby who agreed to receive the Holy Wine in the name of True Parents.
In the past seven years, the King’s have blessed more than 444 brothers and sisters who have gratefuly received clothes, shoes, toys, books and food.

Wesley Samuel set up a picture of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon officiating a “Blessing Ceremony” on the street corner to attract the attention of passersby.

Pastor Joras Jean Fracois (green shirt) took a flower for Mother’s Day, signed the guest book and partook in the Holy Wine. Unificationists Cecilia Souza and her daughter Tomomi assisted him.

Wesley Samuel prays after giving the Holy Wine to Pastor Joras Jean Fracois, Pilar Puente and her daughter Lida Puente. Unificationists Mihoko Usui and Cecilia Souza participated as well.

After receiving the Holy Wine, four guests pray with four members (Cindy, Mihoko, Cecilia and Pilar).

In the spirit of outreach, Unificationists Jeddie and Elma King in Alabama have taken the initiative to host marriage-education events since the Fall of 2008, through which they distribute free food and clothes on the street to passersby who agree to drink Holy Wine and receive a Blessing in the name of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. According to the King’s, This marriage-education event is an outreach educational program designed to introduce the essence of the Unification Church, which is preparing for and participating in the Marriage Blessing.“The inspiration to start the marriage-education event came out of the desire to live for the sake of others,” said Mrs. King, who joined the Unification Church in 2004 and was blessed in marriage to Mr. King in 2009. “I wanted to give a house full of items away, but after meditating on March 15, 2007, the Holy Spirit gave me the idea to bless everyone with Holy Wine and read True Parents’ Peace Messages to them as a requirement to receive free items. Two days later, my husband and I blessed about 35 people with Holy Wine. We gave, they received, and it was a blessed day for all of us. On that natural high, we took our blessings to the roadside.”

The King’s held their first marriage-education event in Mrs. King’s hometown of Monroeville, Alabama on November 29, 2008. Mrs. King said, “My mom had prepared the family to receive the Holy Wine, as well as many of her friends, to whom she had read True Parents’ messages over the phone. Because the atmosphere was right, we were able to bless many family and friends.

“We had placed an ad in the local paper to let people know that we would be there conducting the marriage-education event out on the street from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. that day. During that time, we prayed for the city, the nation and the world. We gave out peace flags, pictures of True Parents, and The Messiah Has Comebooks. We had many toys for kids and other beautiful gifts. We laughed and cried with families as they shared their stories and took home gifts that they would never have been able to buy for their children. There is something so special about the spirit of giving. The more you give, the more you want to give; especially to those who can receive with such a warm ‘Thank you.’ The Holy Wine was easy to distribute. We blessed 23 people on this trip.”

About a year later on November 28, 2009, Mr. and Mrs. King held their second marriage-education event in the same spot. “The locals were getting to know us now,” said Mrs. King. “We gave out clothing and over $300 worth of toys to needy children, as well as educational materials about True Parents and books on true love. We gave the Holy Wine and prayed for those who were going through hardships. This time, we were able to bless six families.”

The King’s also brought the act of sharing Holy Wine to Mr. King’s hometown of Kissimme, Florida, where in 2010, they celebrated his 76th birthday with 60 friends and family. “Everyone but one couple accepted the Holy Wine. We sang the song “I Need You to Survive” as I served the Holy Wine. In 2011, we visited my hometown again, and I shared the breaking news of our True Parents as a singer at a concert in Alabama,” she said.

Earlier this year, Mrs. King returned to the same spot where she had held her previous two marriage-education events to host a third, which she also advertised in the local newspaper. According to Mrs. King, “This was our best event. This one was bigger than ever because we had time to buy more clothing, books, shoes, sunglasses, toys and for the first time, food. People were there waiting before we were even set up. We gave many families bags of food, and we put smiles on many faces. We gave Holy Wine and prayed with each family. They couldn’t believe that anyone would be giving away all the things we gave to them. We were so blessed to be able to provide such service to them. On this third marriage-education event, we blessed 40 people with the Holy Wine. We had big posters of True Parents and talked about the Global Wedding coming up in 2013.

“Our marriage-education events just get bigger and better. In a span of seven years, we have been able to bless 444 sisters and brothers, and we’re still counting! For our next marriage-education event, we will search for a new spot and expand into our surrounding communities. Now we will always have food to give away. True Parents said ‘feed the people!’ ”

On Sundays, Mr. and Mrs. King attend Lovin’ Life Sunday service at a home church in Orlando, Florida. “I think Lovin’ Life is awesome,” said Mrs. King. “I really do. It’s incredible. There’s always new food to take away from the services. I take the messages from the Sunday-service sermons and share them to help share the breaking news of our True Parents!”

Inheriting the Practice of Marriage-Education Events

The King’s success with the marriage-education events has also inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Longtime Unificationist Wesley Samuel, who joined the joined the church in 1966 and who was Blessed in marriage to Gladys Samuel on February 28, 1969, recently held his first marriage-education event in his hometown of Boynton, Florida.

Samuel said, “In my community, as well as in all communities, people are hungry for love and looking desperately for it. When I go witnessing in my community, empty faces are staring at me. I began to think what I can do to show them we care and give them hope. I then became very inspired by the marriage-education events of Mr. and Mrs. King and by the pictures of people smiling, taking items from tables, praying and shaking hands.”

Together with other members and three of his spiritual children, Samuel began to prepare for his marriage-education event. After itemizing what was needed, such as clothes and non-perishable foods, he and his companions invited friends, neighbors and strangers by handing out flyers with information about when and where the marriage-education event would take place, which was from 9 a.m to 2 p.m on Saturday, May 12, 2012.

“My experience was a very encouraging one,” he said. “We set up an altar with Holy Wine, wine cups, an address book and reading material, including Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s autobiography. During the five hours we were there, about 40 people came by and about 30 drank Holy Wine and signed the address book. On the street, we called Holy Wine ‘Holy Juice’ because sometimes people bring their children, who want to drink as well. We gave out 10 autobiographies and took pictures. Because the next day was Mother’s Day, we also gave out flowers.

“We explained that the Holy Wine ceremony is a spiritual condition for a new beginning and that we are all God’s children regardless of what faith we belong to. When we spoke this way, people listened and voiced their own thoughts, which was good. Many times the questions led to the origin of the Blessing. When it did, we explained that the Blessing brings a new meaning to life and that its originators are Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. We kept a picture of True Parents giving the Blessing in their white robes at our marriage-education event.”

Many of those who participated in drinking the Holy Wine offered supportive comments and were curious about Samuel’s motivation behind hosting the marriage-education event. One Minister even invited Samuel to preach to his congregation.

Samuel is also a fan of Lovin’ Life Ministries, which he watches every Sunday in Miami. “I think Lovin’ Life Ministries is great,” he said. “As a music ministry, Lovin’ Life is very attractive to young people and has brought new life into our community. This new breath that In Jin Nim has brought into the church is stimulating our members, young and old, to take more of an active part in the ministry. She has really brought in True Parents spirit once again and is rejuvenating the older members, reminding us of what we were taught by True Parents in the 1980s and moving the teachings to a new level. She’s letting us know about our responsibility as Blessed Central Families to expand on the foundation that Lovin’ Life has built and to be creative in helping our movement expand. Her ministry is just beautiful.”

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Alice Cheney Boutte – The South shall rise again!!

May God bless both the King and Samuels for doing this simple, heartful and giving work for our Heavenly Father and our True Parents. How perfect to give away the things we no longer need and at the same time to give the spiritual food and the Blessing to those who are seeking for that as well which fulfills our spiritual need to share the faith, hope and love of Christ’s return with others.
Frank Davis – God Bless You. You are showing a GREAT example to us all. Thank you so much King family.

Junko Williams
Dear Rev. Jeddie and Minister Elma King,Thank you so much for the great example that you are setting for all of us.

Mary Holden – Thank you for inspiring us!
Dear King and Samuel Families,
This is so uplifting and inspiring to hear about the work you are doing. Thank you for following the holy spirit and heavenly inspiration. I am sure God, True Parents and your ancestors are so very happy. The spiritual world is so active and the people are very hungry for love and truth. You are a great example of living for the sake of others Thank you for spreading the Blessing and God’s truth -you will be greatly blessed!
All the best,
From Mary in Bowie, Maryland

I am truly grateful to Jeddie and Elma King and Wesley Samuel for their initiative. We are not all gifted in the same way but we all have a gift or gifts to use in helping our world become God’s world and bringing the blessing to mankind. It is truly rewarding to read the success of others and know that our daily effort makes a difference and will ultimately bring about Cheon Il Guk.
Thank you,
gregory – Praise the Lord!
…and his wife…and kids…and grand kids!

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  1. May The Living God above, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Moses, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of our precious True Parents of Heaven and Earth, BLESS WITH ABUNDANCE, REV. JEDDIE and MINISTER ELMA KING for proclaiming THAT CHRIST IS HERE, TODAY, RIGHT NOW!

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