So much planning has gone into this special day of my mom’s (Elnora Stanton’s) 92nd birthday. Some years ago, I heard my mom say that she would like to have all of her children receive a copy of the song that she had written after her near death experience. I made a mental note of that, and had been working hard to make her dreams come true on her 92nd birthday. I had her song made into a CD. The picture with one of her favorite dresses was chosen for the cover. I made copies of her songs as well as her story of her near death experience on that critical night. I wanted to give my mom a surprise of her life with her song that she thought she had lost forever, as well as a CD for her song.

The trip to Alabama was about nine hours, and many trials came to my ears on the phone on our way there. The phone calls just poured into my ears. I have a n2 Realty Business, and satan was trying to spoil this trip for me. We arrived in Alabama on the 23rd of March. We celebrated my mom’s birthday on the 24th . Many family members came to help mom celebrate that beautiful day. God gave us a beautiful day, and we were able to hold the event outside. My husband, Rev. Jeddie King open up with prayer, and my mom gave a warm welcome to the family. I read mom’s story to the family, and I placed emphases on the TWO HEADS that mom saw in the ambulance and asked them to go to the hospital with her; and make sure the doctors did nothing wrong. When I started to play her song that I had put so much time in, only the music played. I took that CD out and replaced it with another one.

This CD as well, only played the music not her voice. Feeling so let down in a moment that I had planned to make the high light of her birthday, I passed out her CDs to the selected family members. I later played the CD in our car, and it played fine. This had to be spiritual. I wanted to give my family a profound message to take home that day. It was that heaven starts in the family, and I did a demonstration on by loving mom, we can love all mothers of the world.
Many family came that we hadn’t seen in Many years.

My sister Gloria and her husband Michael had worked sooo hard to make sure there were plenty food. My sister made: meat balls, bake beans, boiled corn, macaroni , and potato salad. Michael made barbecue chicken ,spare rib and sausages. Bobby and Rev. King gave Michael a hand this time with the cooking. The Mc Covery ‘s are the cooks for our family so this is not only this year but every year; and all in between that they cook meals for our family. Ree and, her daughter Gabby put up the decoration. This is always a family effort. Everyone contributed funds to help make the celebration a success, however, there are always those that go above and beyond the call of duty. They would be my sister Glory and brother –in-law Michael McCorvey . Not only do they cook, but they also clean up after everyone is gone out to have what they call fun.

On Sunday March 25, 2012, we met with the family. This has become a part of the family tradition now with a lot of effort on my brother Jimmy part. After everyone had almost finished their food, I took the opportunity to talk to the family about helping my sister take care of mom, by giving her a much needed break. I talked to them about staying to help her clean up the kitchen before they take plates full of food on their way out to have fun. For many years, I have been a care giver myself; so I know that it can drain you. So many of the sisters and brothers lives so close by. If we only pitch in once in a while , things could go much better. I found out that no one but me was paying every month for mom’s care.

I also find out that they had no input on trying to help. I told them that I was giving my sister my three apartment rental house to help her and her family. I passed around a picture of the house, but no one had anything to say either. I then started to talk to the family about the Global wedding that would take place on January 13, 2013. They had all heard my mom’s testimony as well as her song about True Parent being the TWO HEADS that she saw in the ambulance. I even showed them a picture of True Parents.

I again asked mom if these were the two people she saw in the ambulance, and she said yes in front of all of the family. I have worked with my family for at least eight years with newsletters of the Divine Principal. They all were given family flags, and True Father’s autobiography. I have blessed all my family with the HOLY WINE. My husband Rev. King and I have held family meeting, where we taught them the Divine Principal.

I even gave a message on the value of family in their local church one holiday season. Not one family member except my mom said that they wanted to come and be blessed in the wedding. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing .My sister Glory, did asked in tears if there was a couple, and only one spouse wanted to go to the blessing; if they could go without the other. Some of the other family had questions, but no one wanted to be blessed at the wedding.

I couldn’t help but to be upset. My family were there yesterday to celebrate mom’s birthday , and many went out to party that night. They went to church before they came back here today. This is the kind of double life that God is not pleased with. I am trying to lead them into the Kingdom, by telling them that they need to repent , and change the way they are living. I said that they could stick a fork in me because I was done. What else can one do, but stand and pray. My family is so blessed to have my mom experience near death, and to be spared her life, so that she could come back and tell them what she saw. She saw TRUE PARENTS when she was about to go to the spirit world, yet they still don’t believe!!

2000 years ago, Jesus worked many miracles in front of the people, as well as His disciples, yet they still didn’t believe. As my friend would say “There You Are”. I could feel the sorrowful heart of our Lord Jesus, as He prayed for God to let the cup pass from Him if possible. Jesus knew that if the people didn’t accept Him that they would have to carry the cross that He, Himself was facing. Jesus wanted to spare us from a life of pain and sorrow.

I wrote this message which I later read to my sister Glory. I am writing about this historic day in my life so that my family can read about it and reflect on their lives. Feeling the heart of Jesus in Matt.13:55. I send this message to my family: You see me standing here before you today. You might say, is that not Elnora Stanton’s daughter? Are not her sister, Gloria Jean, Mae, Jennie and Janie? And do her brothers, Jimmy, Bobby, Leonard , Ray and Elmore ALL live around here in this small town of Peterman, AL? We use to ride on tires together on several hills, and her dress was always torn off the waist. How did her pictured managed to be featured on the front cover of world renown magazines?

How did her songs ever make it to number one, and two on anybody’s playlist, when they are only collecting dusk on the shelves in our home .Who wants to listen to her singing about that man, Rev. Moon. I am not interested in her radio messages. She’s wasting time sending them to me. I couldn’t even get them to take a picture on the lawn with True Parent’s poster. For crying out loud, they showed up to save our mother because some serious prayers and tears came to God in her stead. This is history, the good , the bad, and the ugly.

There is still time that they all can rewrite their stories. I will never give up on them. All I can say is Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Please don’t take offense to what I am saying. I know that this is my hometown, and many of you see me with your physical eyes for who I was then, and not for who I am now. Jesus was not able to do many miracles in His own hometown because of lack of faith in His family and friends who thought they knew Him; and took offense to what He was saying.
I am the Tribal Messiah for my family, and my tribe. I see them from a spiritual vision.

On Monday we had a Roadside Blessing Ministry. My brother Bobby almost changed his mind, but decided to go and help us. We blessed over 40 people, and many wanted to come to the blessing. These are strangers. I told them that I am a Minister working for God, and they accept me as a child of God. They don’t have hang –up of who I use to be. In tears they share their hearts, and they welcome the blessing. What a difference!!!

On Tuesday, my husband Rev. King and I went out to visited my ancestors graves, we left flowers and prayed for them. Many of their burdens I carry. My ancestors knows that I stand before God as the origin of my family’s history. Since I am the beginning of the new heaven , and the new earth, ALL will have to follow me into the kingdom. Wednesday we left for Florida. I left some of my clothes, as well as our study materials in my brother’s George home where we stayed during our stay in Alabama.

My family put me through many changes. I have never done this before. My brother George is so precious, every morning he had his arms open wide to embrace us. As our True Parents said “ Oh the Pain of Loving”. It was hard for me to shake this kind of rejection from the family. I feel God’s pain also. They left me numb.

Written by Elma King- March 31,2012

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