Brother Ray Manning and His Brother and Partner

When Bishop Bobby Shearrill introduced my CD to Ray Manning, he fell in love with The Battle Hymn of Republic, and The Holy Wine Blessings.  When I connected to His station I heard him burning up the air waves with the Holy Wine Blessing song.

Bro. Manning interviewed me on April 6, 2010 for thirty minutes. We talked about the songs on God’s Blessing album, and my inspiration for them. Speaking of the Holy Wine Blessing, I told him when the people hear of the BIG WEDDING to know that the bridegroom has come. This BIG WEDDING is coming up on January 13, 2013.

The Holy Wine Blessing song became # 1 on The Ray Manning Singers top 20 play list on the June/July 2010 issue in the Gospel USA Magazine ( See Page 15).  Brother Ray is a man after God’s own heart. Since the ownership of his radio station in 2003, he and his brother Raymond has invested all into helping to build the Kingdom of God around the corner and across the world.We know that Brother Ray has been God sent into our lives.

He has blessed us to air three worldwide  programming on his internet radio: The Light of Truth, with Rev. Wesley Samuel reading True Parents words. The Kingdom Comes , with Rev. Jeddie King (my husband) teaching the Divine Principle, and Now is the Time with myself,’ Elma (L-ma) King proclaiming True Parents( The Messiah) .

I am blessed to tell the world that It is time now to be engrafted on to the True Olive Tree. Ray Manning connected me to Brother Cecil Brown, and because of this connection my second CD is featured on the cover of December 2010/January 2012 issue of brother Brown’s beautiful

The blessing of meeting Ray Manning continue to unfold. Thanks Ray Manning, One family under God loves you!! By L-ma King

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