Written January 31, 2008,  this song reminds me so much of my childhood. I grew up with a severe speech impediment. After seeing the looks on others faces for so long when I tried to talk, I finally withdrew into a shell. I became a loner. I had many things to say, but I couldn’t say them. One day in the Hills surrounded by nature, I started to make my own voice in songs.

It was then I realized that I could sing a full song without stumbling on one single word. wow, this was a breakthrough!! Many times I would go in the hills, and sing my heart out to nature. I had found another way to use my voice, and that was through songs. The foundation to sing then, has prepared to me sing songs this very day about the coming of our Lord of the SECOND ADVENT. How great is our God.

God has given this same person that had difficulty speaking as a child, a ministry: Now is the Time, where I speak to the whole world the words: “NOW IS THE TIME TO BE ENGRAFTED ON TO THE TRUE OLIVE TREE”. Even today my speech is not the best, but the Love in my heart for God, Jesus and True Parents are out of this world, so ” I JUST DO WHAT HE TOLD ME TO DO”.

As I sang this song on the patio for my first CD, the BIRDS came to nest themselves in the big oak tree in the back yard to sing with me. Their singing got so loud,until I had to stop and listen to them sing instead. Oh what a “HALLELUJAH MOMENT”. I felt as though they had recognized my voice from childhood, and had come to help me celebrate my first CD. I cried and called my husband out to take a listen. Singing to the birds, and bees, mountains, streams, and even trees. We all celebrated this day together.Hear is a toast to nature!!

Sample Lyrics from the song:

Lord let me sing to people in need, so I can be a friend indeed

Sing to people in chains, so I can let your freedom ring

Sing to birds and bees, mountain streams, and even trees

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  1. This is just wonderful!! I simply Love it!!!
    What a Beautiful voice and Soul you have Dearest
    Sister Elma!! Praise God for giving you such a Great Blessing!!!

    Thank you soo much for sharing your precious treasures with us!!!

    Aju! Mansei!! Glory Hallelujah!!! Amen!! God is Alive!!!

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