Here is a short version of  the story of my Blessing of marriage to Rev. Jedi King, officiated by Rev and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon (True Parents):

Like many women in the Bible, the things that they did for God were sometimes misunderstood. The words “Will you marry me?” were put before me. My physical eyes couldn’t see this union, but I wanted to put God first in this very important step.I talked this over with one of my sisters. Pray this way, she said. “Tell God, if this is not for you to CLOSE THE DOOR, and leave it closed. And if this is for you, then, to OPEN THE DOOR.” So, I went to God in tears, prayed for directions, and talked to Him about the doors. That night, a scripture came to my sister in a dream, and she shared it with me in the morning.

With curious eyes, we went to find out what God was saying in this scripture. It was Rev. 3:8, “…see, I have set before you A DOOR WIDE OPEN, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet, you have kept my word and guarded my message and have not renounced or denied my name.” There was laughter and joy. I knew this was the answer from God.

Rev. Tom Cutts in The Middle

I stood on His word, no matter what came my way. I went through that Open door and I married Rev. King. We waited for the Blessing from our True Parents. While we waited, a ton of persecution came our way. The time for the Blessing was announced in a dream that God gave to Rev. King. The dream was about marriage. My husband said that he dreamed that I gave True Father our number, and He put it in His pocket. I told Rev. Tom Cutts about this dream, and he asked me to send him a picture of our couple.

We were informed about the next Blessing. Early one morning I was told by the Holy Spirit, “get your gown and your gloves” because we were getting ready to be blessed. We went to prepare for the Blessing. I gave our number to Mrs. Jenkins, and she put it in her phone. The next morning, she gave me the news. “Get your gown ready. You will be in the Blessing Ceremony tomorrow.”

There my husband and I stood being blessed in the Holy Wedding Ceremony by True Parents themselves. What a blessing indeed. I felted so honored to be blessed with God’s blood lineage, and to be welcomed into His family.

My life has been transformed, since that day. I have a very unique relationship with God. He talks to me even about the small everyday things in my life. Blessings have poured into our lives. The door is not only OPEN, BUT AS GOD SAID” OPEN WIDE“. I had never dreamed of the wonderful things that God is doing in my life right now. To be able to do work for the True Parents of all mankind is a special privilege given to us by God.

I have learned to stand on His word, no matter what comes my way.


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