July 7, 2010, I am on the road driving .I had stopped at a red light when I heard the words in my spirit “come to Jesus right now” at the next light, the words are repeated, then yet again. I realized that Jesus was giving me a song. I wrote a few words down as I continued my search for a place to have a birthday celebration for my husband’s 76th birthday. Before I came home, I parked my car in the back yard of a house that we had for rent, and I finished writing the song. Anytime God gives me a song, He also gives me the melody. After writing the songs, I can also sing them. This song tell us that Jesus has return to the earth like a thief in the night, and that He is working with True Parents to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. He does not want us to “MISS HIM THIS TIME”!! PLEASE DON’T MISS HIM!

Come to Jesus————Right Now! So we can learn all the New Things, that He wanted us to know And we can grow up to the LEVEL, where we All now must grow Come to Jesus————Right Now!

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