Rev. Garcia Displaying the 2nd Advent Bumper Sticker

 My husband Rev. Jeddie King and myself  are inspired to launch a ‘bumper sticker’  National Campaign on July 29, 2011, to “WAKE-UP AMERICA” proclaiming the 2nd Advent, starting in Flordia . The Sticker says: “The Second Avent of Our Lord is On Earth Now!” We are proclaiming our True Parent’s name by asking ALL our brothers and sisters to place this bumper sticker on their cars.  To receive the bumper stickers you may do the following:

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  1. Dear Rev. Jedi and Rev. Elma,

    Just saw your beautiful website and read your testimony about the roadside blessings…so inspiring….so great to see you both in Korea…

    My heart is with you always,

    Edy I
    Paris, France

    ps what is your exact email?

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