My report on the 2nd Concert  held on Nov.11th and 12th, 2011
My husband Rev.Jeddie King and I headed to Chickasaw, Alabama, on Nov. 10, 2011. We were invited by Sister Shirley Shoemate with Shomates Records to attend her Fourth Annual Gospel Conference and Showcase that would be held at the host Church,Second Chance Ministries with Pastor Loretta Handy Jackson.

The Breaking News was needed there. I am the singing John The Baptist. I sang: The Holy Wine Blessing, He’s Here, and Don’t Miss Him This Time.

My display table of Father Moon's teachings and My CD's

The concert was started on Friday evening. I set up my display of CDs, Magazines, books, T-shirts and bumpers stickers on the table in the inside front entrance of the church. People had problems with the address, so the attendance was not what it was expected to be. Rev.Steve Wilson, and Pastor Terry Yamane was there from the Family Church of Alabama. Rev. Wilson introduced me to Rev. Handy Jackson. My cousin Mattie Holloway and her husband were there to support us from Mississippi. My publisher of my CDs, Bishop Jesse Harris was there from The Gospel News in Tuskegee, Al. We did a lot of praise songs, and people were asked to stand. When my name was called, the MC had trouble pronouncing my name L-ma King so he said the L was for LOVE. He called me LOVE KING.

I told everyone that my songs required them to sit down and listen to what God was saying to them now. I said The Kingdom of Heaven is here, it doesn’t come with signs to be observed. I sang three songs: Now is the time, The Kingdom Within, and You Can’t Be Happy Alone. After the the last song I displayed our True Parents wedding picture with words” you have to meet the bridegroom too” People were hanging on the words.

My Sisters at the concert

Many commented on the songs after the program was over. One lady had heard me sang the song” You can’t Be Happy Alone” in Tuskegee, AL. and she brought her wedding album with her to show me that she was married.Pastor Loretta Jackson gave her testimony and she mention Otis Redding name. She said God had given her a SECOND CHANCE on life, so she named her Church Second Chance. I had made a mental note of her testimony, and on the church grounds I shared part of my testimony with her. It was also about Otis Redding and a SECOND CHANCE on life as well.

Saturday before the concert started I visited my sister Lillie Davis in Pascagoula, Ms. She was in the nursing home there. The program started about 1:00pm. We did a short praise service in the church’s annex. Pastor Jackson joined my husband and myself at the dinner table and we were able to share more of our life with each other. She said the people from our church is so nice. I told her if the fruits are good, then the tree must be good also. There was a five minute tag team for the ministers, to give a short message, and the host pastor gave a short message.

I was scheduled to do two songs after the hosted pastor’s message, but was not asked. The concert started. A pastor Price asked me to stand up. He said the Kingdom Within that I sang yesterday was true. My sister Gloria and her husband Michael McCovery came from Monroeville, Al. to support me. I was called to do my songs near the end of the concert after the video equipment had been taken down. I brought up my posters of True Father and our True Parents wedding up with me. When I asked how many people had heard of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I saw the pastor Jackson’s hand, and I knew my family had heard of Rev. Moon.

The Breaking News was needed there. I am the singing John The Baptist. I sang: The Holy Wine Blessing, He’s Here, and Don’t Miss Him This Time.I discovered a new family there that I had never known, Minister Gerome Holloway. He said my songs were different, so I gave him a CD.Pastor Jackson commented on the ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD that I had talked about. I went out to my table. I asked had anyone purchased any of the items, and the answer was no. Did they look at the items I said? Yes they all looked and took yours cards. I told her that my work on the table had been done. I know that the spirit records everything that is done in the

Pastors Kings, and PastorJackson and her husband

physical body with a 100% accuracy. They heard my words that the Messiah was here on earth now! They saw all of my display on the table about the Messah. Chickasaw, Alabama was changed that week-end. Speaking with Pastor Jackson after the concert, she shared her story of True Parents, and Rev.Joshua Cotter, she knew them both.They want to visit us in Kissimmee, Fl.

On Sunday Nov. 13, 2011 we went to our Family Church in Bayou La Batre, AL. for service. There we shared our testimony, and I sang two of my songs. God blessed us with many sales of the T-shirts, Bumpers Stickers, and CD’s.Our church knows where the Kingdom of Heaven is. They see it with a second set of eyes. After service I went to my hometown in

My New Found Cousin

Peterman, AL. to visit my 90 year old mom, and my sister Gloria who takes care of her. I saw two brothers, Ray and Elmore that I wanted to bless with the Holy Wine Blessing, but again they refused. I visited another sister Sandra, and the rest of the time was spent with mom. I sang for her, and we heard one of my messages from the internet radio. Wednesday Nov. 16, 2011 On our way home we have made it a tradition to give out True Father’s autobiography as we refill our car at the gas stations. What a glorious blessing this week has been.

By L-ma King

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