Over 6000 years ago, God created Adam and Eve. Male and female He created them in his image and likeness for His and their eternal joy and happiness. The first blessing that God gave them, as they were growing up in the garden as brother and sister, was ‘Be Fruitful’. To become Fruitful means to become spiritually and emotionally mature(perfect, complete). Like a tree that has to grow to maturity in order to fulfill its purpose of bearing fruit of the highest quality, Adam and Eve were to grow up and substantially embody God’s true love and bear that quality of fruit (Matt 5:48)

The manifestation of God’s original ideal world required His children’s obedience to His commandment “DO NOT EAT of the fruit.” God watched and waited as His handsome son and His beautiful daughter grew up in the Garden while being cared for by the archangel. Once Adam and Eve had matured (“became fruitful”)and inherited the true love of God (ready for a true marriage), God wanted to bless them in a beautiful Holy Wedding and sanctify their eternal ONENESS. We know that holy wedding did not happen at that time.

God watched His pure blood lineage, became tainted by Satan, the false father. This brought excruciating pain to the heart of God. Heaven and Earth were being torn apart. It agonized God more than any earthly father that had ever worked and sweated all his life to accumulate assets for his children, only to have a thief steal everything in one night. Heaven and Earth were torn apart. Due to the disobedience of his son and daughter, which resulted in their spiritual death, God lost everything, and was forced to hand over ownership of the nations and the world to Satan.

God is our True Heavenly Parent, and we can read throughout biblical history that He never stopped trying to reclaim us from Satan’s bondage. God has suffered in pain and sorrow in the background of human history as He relentlessly struggled to bring us back to Him.

After thousands of years, God could finally bless a couple in that long awaited holy wedding ceremony that would start His True lineage on the earth. For the first time in human history a man succeeded in attaining the original position of Adam. This Adam secured the status of the owner of True Love, and received God’s anointing as the True Parent of humanity. The horizontal True Parents have come to rescue fallen humanity. This is the highest and the greatest blessing humanity has ever received.

We are in the era when marriage can finally receive God’s Blessing. Brothers and sisters, if you don’t have a mate, pray for God to lead them to you. Preparations are being made for the next Holy Wedding Blessing. It offers the grace of being grafted to the true olive tree. It was instituted by the True Parents, Rev Sun Myung Moon and Dr Hak Ja Han Moon, who bring God’s true blood lineage to humankind. The Holy Wedding is God’s way of reclaiming His children that were stolen from Him by Satan. God longs to finally bless ALL of His children and multiply His lineage.

“What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.”

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  2. I think that your web sight looks great. Oh! I need to get two more of your first CD thank you very much. “The Sky on the Drums” Call me when you are back in town

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