This song is written to let us know that the kingdom is not a place that you go, but a place that you take with you when you leave this earth whether it is a kingdom of heaven or a kingdom of hell. We are born in the physical body to grow our spiritual body within us. Because we are all born in a body of death, we have to crucify this body of death and walk in the spirit of God.

In every moment and every affair of our daily life good and evil are fighting within you to gain the upper hand. It is our responsibility to make the body follow the spirit by doing all the things that the body hates, like living for the sake of others, loving our enemies, forgiveness, and doing God’s will.

To do God’s will is to believe and follow the one God has sent. As you learn and live the truth that God’s son bring, your spirit will grow in leaps and bounds. You can live in the kingdom of heaven or hell right here on earth. When you leave this physical body, your spirit already knows where to go. Matthew 16:27…. and then He shall reward everyman according to his work.

No one, no one, can build your kingdom but you___

and you’re laying the bricks, the bricks to your kingdom

with everything you do, So while you have a physical life,

make every—- living— sacrifice—- cause no one—-can

build your kingdom— but you—

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