I started writing The Holy Wine Blessing on January 25, 2008. It came to me in parts like a jigsaw puzzle. The first verse came, then the third verse came about three months later. I would wake up singing parts that needed to be added to the song. One day as I walked into the office, I started singing, sooo we are starting with families, tribes, cities, and nations… It was like creating a master piece. The second verse came after the ending of the song.

When I put the tracks on this song, my friend asked me why were there pauses. I told her that the pauses were for the music in my head that God gave to me with the song. When we got ready to add the music to the song it was too heavy for the tracks. We put a softer tune to the tracks. When I got home I couldn’t sing the song. I was up all that night with the music that God had given me playing in my head. We had to redo the track. On the third try I found someone who could play exactly the sound that God wanted. This song’s message is about our blood linage that was tainted in the fall, which was the very root of sin. This sin can only be removed by a central person.

Jesus brought this pure blood lineage to the earth 2000 years ago in order to resurrect us, and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We killed him because, we didn’t recognize Him. (Zechariah 12:14). True Parents, the Second Advent of our Lord are the central person that God has sent again to resurrect us by changing our blood linage. This is God’s way to reclaim us back from Satan; creating one family under God.

Here is few lines of the lyrics from the song, “Holy Wine Blessing”

“2000 years ago, Jesus came to earth
And with him he brought the seed, that could be our
But we were blind, connections lost…
We took our Savior to the cross, oh what a tragedy
Holy wine blessing NOW! is what we need—
We need to be blessed, so we’ll all be free
Our Savior returns, with this holy seed
And when we are connected we’ll be free indeed…”


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