I received a revelation early one morning for the this theme,  Oneness. I went into the home office, and looked up this scripture in John 17:21. Jesus was praying in this scripture to our Heavenly Father (our True Heavenly Parents) to make “US ONE” as He and the Father are ONE. I had seen many banners as we attended many conferences of ” One Family Under God”, but I never seen one banner with Jesus words in prayer about this ONENESS.Wow, how profound I thought, to be able to see this banner at a conference. Christians ministers would be able to see that Jesus prayed for the same thing that our True Parents are teaching today. I wrote down this Heavenly information, and called Rev.Walter Garcia. Rev.Garcia was able to create a beautiful banner for me.I revealed it in our Church, and Rev.Garcia and I signed and dated it. I wanted to write a song about this ONENESS that our Lord Jesus prayed about, and our True Parents are now bringing this mission to fruition. Jesus and our True Parents; what a team!! Ephesians 4:5 ONE Shepherd- 1st Peter 4:4 ONE FLOCK- Rev. 9:5-10″ with your blood you purchased men unto God, from every tribe, every language, and people and nation. You have made them a kingdom, and they shall reign over the earth”.
Our True Parents has started God’s central family, and they have been building God’s Kingdom on the earth for 61 years; one family at a time.To God be the GLORY! here are fre lines of lyrics from the song “Oneness”!

“…The walls of races, and religions as well can only lead to one place and its known as hell

So let’s build the bridges of love today, and unite our families in this great love race

One family, one world, one shepherd for all, as we stand in this oneness and we will Not FALL

One body, one language, one word, one truth, is found in one family– that’s centered on you…”

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