A sense of quietness filled the house on October 27, 2009. While I was cleaning the refrigerator, I started to hum a new melody. I stopped cleaning the refrigerator and set at the kitchen table to give God a chance to speak to me.I wrote this song in tears. I didn’t stop writing until it was completed. There is a sense of urgency in this song. God is telling us, that now is the time to do the things that we have been putting off for tomorrows.We know all too well, that for many of us tomorrow never comes. Hell is a sense of regret: “if ONLY I had”…… This song is telling us to get our spiritual house in order NOW, while there is yet still time. Our True Parent, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon,are here, and God’s timetable is counting down to January 13, 2013. TICK-TOCK!!

 Below is few excerpts from her lyrics:
Check off the grudge—within your heart just because you think that someone did you wrong,  go fix it now while there’s still time, because your journey on this earth is not that long…”
“…Please take the time to find new wine, that Jesus tried so hard to give us, but we were blind. Open your eyes now and realize, that if you ever going to find it , now is the time. 8 ) Can you count the times– you said you would change from the sinful life you’re living day to day, years come and go yet you never changed!!, but the TIME you have on earth is ticking away—,(tick tock) is ticking away–,(tick tock) is- ticking- away——-(tick tock, tick——-“
Please listen to the podcast of the entire song “Now is the time” (from Album of same name) by Sister L-ma King.

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